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    Labeller for 08M Chips

    The DYMO LetraTag brand Model LT-100H labeller with one 1/2&quot;W x 13 foot paper tape sells for $18 in Target stores USA, and labels the 08M chips perfectly. Extra 1/2&quot;W x 13 foot paper tape 2-packs are $6.99. Runs on 4 x AA cells. See it here: <A...
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    Low Current DC Motor

    I bought several of these motors from Electronics Goldmine (USA) and was surprised to find they only pull 5 mA (no mechanical load on the motor shaft) at 5 volts. They are currently on sale for $0.99 each. <A...
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    Low Current DC Motor

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    I am quite new to PICAXE and would like to know if there was a technical reason why the bootimage does not implement the very useful Basic Stamp freqout command. The sound command with its byte parameter that gives a frequency that is not and cannot be exactly specified seems a poor second. I...
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    5.0.8 Patch Doesn't Update Help PDF for Commands

    I just ran the 5.0.8 patch and the old PDFs are still in place so there is no online help for the new BCDxxx commands and the new compiler options. Are new PDFs available so I can manually install them? Thanks, Dave