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    Running an 08M from a 6v supply?

    I need to build a small 08M circuit to drive a couple of small 5v relays. the power supply I have available is 6v which is probably too small a difference for even a LDO regulator. 1) Can the 08 work from 6v at a push? 2) Could I use something like a resister or the voltage drop across a diode...
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    syntax errors: a seriously newby question

    Up until now I've been playing with code fragments that I've picked up from other sources. As such I've known were errors are because I've known what I changed. This weekend I wrote a couple of programs "from scratch" and had syntax errors. Unfortunately the entire program was highlighted in the...
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    OT: Buying PIC's from Microchip Direct

    Not exactly on topic but I need to buy some PICs to implement a project I found on the net. On Microchips site there is the option to buy chips direct but I notice at checkout that these are shipped from Thailand. Any idea how long shipping takes or how much is costs? Any good cheap sources of...
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    Need help replacing existing controls.

    I'm a bit of an electronics novice so I'm hoping someone can answer what is probably a dumb question. I want to wire a Picaxe into an old camcorder to allow it to be remote controlled. Since the camera doesnt have nice things like a LANC port this will have to be done by replacing various...