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    PICAXE Editor 6 user guide - is there such a thing?

    I have searched for something resembling a user guide and not found anything. Oddly, I've also not found mention of such a thing in this forum (assuming the search feature is working correctly and/or I'm using it correctly). Surely such a complex piece of software cannot exist without some sort...
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    Extracting GPS time with PICAXE

    I'm returning to my PICAXE projects after a couple of years of attempting to retire and failing ;-) I am iniitally constructing a digital clock with some unusual features, mainly using PICAXE modules. The time source is an Adafruit Chronodot RTC. All this ought to go smoothly - although I may...
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    Measuring LF pulse periods: SETTIMER vs COUNT (or other methods)

    I am impressed by what I've read on this forum. I have so many questions to ask, but I must resist the temptation to start new threads. But maybe I may be allowed this one, as it's foxing me at the design stage. Here's the setup. An experimental electro-mechanical clock (a subject dear to my...
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    Control of domestic night-storage heaters

    I have read some of rmeldo's threads here from 2008 and wondered if the project was successful. This is a topic dear to me, as I have three old but sound night-storage heaters that are hard to control, and have often thought about automating them. Now that I have a better idea of what PICAXE...
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    Loading EEPROM data

    I'm progressing with the idea described on 'Selective powering of modules', but have encountered another potential snag. The idea I have in mind requires storage of about 8-12k of static text (message) data. This is beyond the capabilities of a sole PICAXE (yes?), so I've looked at the EEPROM...
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    Selective powering of modules

    In a project with multiple modules, powered by battery and communicating serially, is it viable to power down some modules when they are not in use to save battery power? For example, a main PICAXE controller and a OLED display, in which the main controller is only in use occasionally?