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    Looking for Programming Tutor

    Hello all again. I am hoping to get back into working on my picaxe projects. But, I always seem to struggle with the coding part of the projects. I am reaching out here for anyone that has extensive programming/hardware experience that would be willing to train and teach. Look, I know there is...
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    DHT11 w/ Axe033

    Hello again guys! Working on this DHT11 again, and would like to add my Axe033 display module to it. I have been following along in this thread for the DHT11 code and circuit- And also-...
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    Simulation speed adjust

    Suggesting that the simulation speed delay bar also be placed in the actual simulation window. Would be nice to be able to adjust speed live in a simulation. Either that or being able to stop simulation and adjust, without having to go through 4 windows to get to the option to change. Add to...
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    Input switch/count to ground

    Hey guys, Working on a basic project with an 08m2. I have worked with counting high pulses, but this is my first low and dont want to burn anything up. My input(C.3) is a button that switches to ground momentarily. I would like to count 3 pushes of that button to activate a simple program...
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    RF Remote FS1000a With Picaxe

    Hello all, Working on another project. 12V actuators that I would like to activate with this RF module. The circuit idea I have in my head consists of a 08m2, 5 or 12v relay?, FS1000a RF module Did a search on the forum and didnt pull up anything with solid data to help. Does anyone have...
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    Mystery Stepper with Axe117

    Hello all, Have a mystery stepper motor that I am attempting to use. Should be noted that this is my first attempt to date using steppers with Picaxe. The information I can provide on the motor- (Google wasent friendly to me on this, I couldent find anything on this) Printed on back-...
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    Flasher Circuit Help

    Working on my first VSM circuit. Looking for a little help as how to get this properly laid out, and the circuit isnt working as expected. The simulation file should give you a good idea how this is supposed to work. Upon 3 pushes of the horn, the flasher should engage. A 12V supply, with the...
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    AXE113 code tutorial?

    init: pause 500 ; wait for screen to initiate main: serout C.0,N2400,(254,128) ; move to start of first line serout c.0, N2400,(254,1) pause 30 serout c.0, N2400,("Hello WORLD!!!") wait 5 serout c.0, N2400,(254,1) pause 30 pause 100 serout c.0, N2400,(254,128) serout c.0...
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    Helpfull Links!!

    I am still new on this forum but would like to try to contribute! So in my browsing on the net Ive found a couple great sites I thought I should share, hopefully not a redundant post! This site has a bunch of projects this guy has done with Picaxe. Complete with code, pictures, and schemos...
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    Digispark LCD W Picaxe?

    Bought this kit and this is my first experimentation with LCD's. Will this screen work with PICAXE? If so, has anyone made any documentation working with it? Ive done some looking on the forums here but havent had any luck thus far. The screen is a 16x2 I2c LCD display. Thanks guys!
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    12 to 6V regulator 15A??

    I know this maybe out of context, because I will not need a picaxe for this project. But I thought maybe I could get some help- Working on converting a old truck from 6V to 12V. I dont know what the amperage draw is from the blower motor. The truck is at a remote location. so I was looking at...
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    Physics Wizards out there? Force/Angle/Torque needed

    Maybe wrong forum, but I thought I would try :) Attached is a rough(ok very rough) drawing of another project I am working on. Hoping to find someone with a bit more engineering experience or physics knowledge than I. Idea is to have gas shocks lifting the lid(E) The base(F) is stationary. I...
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    LED Strip Control

    Looking for a good controller to run multiple LEDS AND automotive lamps. Looking at a 4511, just cus I have it handy at this moment. The 2003 would be pretty weak for this correct? I would like to have a...
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    AM2301 W Picaxe

    Attempted to connect this last night AM2301- Entered a code from the manual Tutorial 8- sertxd Main: readtemp c.1,b0 sertxd ("the value is",#b.0,cr,lf) wait 5 goto main Once I change the baud rate to 4800, the debug is readable. But "Value is 0"...
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    Picaxe w Camera Module?

    Looking for some advice. Would the picaxe be able to process VGA video and send to a display? Looking at this camera module- Or would I need a serperate proccesor? Still in a basic level programming skill yet, so hopefully this wont be too difficult. On...
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    ; **************************************************************************************************** ; _______ _________ _ _______ _______ _______ _______ _______ ______ ;( )\__ __/( ( /|( ___ )( ____ ) ( ____ \|\ /|( ___ )( ____ )( __ \ ;| ()...
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    Remedy for Basic allergy

    Started this post as a response to a coding post that I couldn't follow. Maybe someone can help, had similar hurdles? Having a hard time wrapping my mind around writing code. I have a good grasp on circuit design, components, theory- but when it comes to this part of the project I find myself...
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    pi vs picaxe

    Looking for help from someone w more experience. What's the differences between a raspberry pi and our picaxe? From what I have read about pi, it seems to contain everything then some of picaxe capabilities. The board is bigger, downside- but besides this? Thanks!
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    Help W Simple Voltmeter

    Newbie- Trying to learn Picaxe. Need any help I can get. (Please dont post any links for purchase some premade unit, this is purely educational.) I'm working on making a bench supply, but have been unable to find any information to help. So far what I have is- 12V Supply-5A-Laptop Supply 24V...
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    Pixaxe Development board??

    Hello, Just starting on the road to understanding programming and Picaxe. One thing I have noticed is, its hard to find supplies from these guys. It seems that regular PIC accesories and boards are more readily available here in the U.S. I have a 14M2 kit that Ive ordered and a few breadboards...