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    If then syntax errors

    I want to write to write an if/then statement to in effect depending on the value of a variable to change the output of two pins without affecting what is going on with other pins and just seem to get syntax errors. This so easy to do in a flowchart but in BASIC has got me at the hair pulling...
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    Help with Servo and Servopos Commands

    I have written a program to use a modified AXE024 board to drive a servo to open a gate on a model railway layout. The program is using code snippets from the AXE024 data sheet to control the speed of movement and the positioning of the servo. At the end of each movement I am experiencing a...
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    Wait command in multiple start programs

    I have tried a search for this query but not come up with anything. Do wait commands or for that matter any of the delay commands affect the execution of the parallel programs. Richard
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    Problems Copying Pasting and exporting

    I would like to copy and paste a flow chart into another document but it simply does not work. I have tried exporting as Word documents, PDF and even .jpg but all I get is a sliced section of the flowchart. Can it be done and if so what am I doing wrong please? Richard
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    VSM Licence Key

    How long after purchase of the key does it take to arrive, I have received confirmation of the purchase but no key yet? Richard
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    AXE027 Installation

    Just checking, I have passed on to a friend a seriel to 3.5mm jack lead with the converter lead for use with USB, are the installation instructions the same as the AXE027? Thanks Richard
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    Aussie help required

    Apologies for this being a non-Picaxe related request but this is the only forum I know that has a significant Aussie contingent. To the point then. My school is having a World Cup day coinciding with the opening ceremony. The students will be involved in a number of world cup related...
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    Sleep Command 2

    Can the sleep command be interrupted. I have looked through both the Logicator manual and the BASIC manual and cannot find any restriction that says it cannot? Richard
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    Sleep Command

    I would like to produce quite long delays in a program using the sleep command. Is there a limit to how many 2.3sec. periods can be used since the cell seems to allow almost any number to be entered in the multiples section. Richard
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    Problems with WAIT commands

    I have been trying to produce a program that switches on a series of LEDs in sequence. The speed of the sequence is determined by Wait commands keeping each LED on for a set period. To vary the speed of the sequence I have used a potentiometer and Readadc the value thus obtained is used in a...
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    PICAXE freebies

    I have 4 serial download leads going spare since our school went USB. Two are the original flat cable type with the 3-pin header type connector (Useful for breadboarding) and 2 with the 3.5mm stereo plug. I would initially like to offer them to any UK school interested but any UK forum member...
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    Infrain command

    When an Infrain command is executed in a program does it prevent any other inputs or interrupts. I cannot find anything documented in the manuals but that seems to be the case in any programmes I have tried. I know that when the programme reaches an Infrain command the flow is halted until an...
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    Test Attachment 2

    'BASIC converted from flowchart: 'Untitled Flowchart:2 'Converted on 13/04/2008 at 16:00:13 main: let b0=3 label_12D: readadc 0,b1 let w3=b0*b1 debug w3 gosub left_to_right readadc 0,b1 let w3=b0*b1 gosub right_to_left goto label_12D left_to_right: let pins = 2 '...
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    Help with Metronome project

    I have a student who is making a metronome using a PICAXE 18A. The outputs are 7 LEDs which light up one after another from left to right and back right to left with a piezzo sounder emitting a short tone at the end of each swing. He wants to achieve a maximum beat rate of 200 beats per minute...
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    Test attachment

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    Download Resistors

    I am looking to save space on some PCBs by leaving the download socket off where not required for future use. In effect the the two resistors now simply become a 32K pull-down resistance. Can these be replaced with a 33K or do they need to be that accurate at 32K, OR am I reading page 21 of the...
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    test message

    <code><pre><font size=2 face='Courier'> _____ -|_____|- _____ -|_____|- </font></pre></code> &#160; Edited by - Tricky Dicky on 15/02/2007 17:29:03 Edited by - Tricky Dicky on 15/02/2007 17:30:35 Edited by - Tricky Dicky on 15/02/2007 17:32:27 Edited by - Tricky Dicky on 15/02/2007...
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    Anglers Bite Alarm

    Hi Guys I have a GCSE student who is designing a bite alarm for his coursework project. The current thinking is that this will be a rod rest mounted device triggered by the rapid movement of the fishing line on a pulley or roller as a fish bites. The input will be a sloted darlington...
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    Strain Gauge circuits

    I am looking for a circuit that uses a strain gauge as a sensor and came across one using a standard Wheatstone bridge and differential amp whose output was fed into a picaxe. Unfortunetly I forgot to bookmark the website which I think was either an Aussie or NZ site. I would be grateful if...