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    "ultra" command

    I just noticed in the change log for the Programming Editor that there is a new command, "ultra", available for the M2 and X2 parts. Works with the ultrasonic distance sensor. After some tries I got it to compile (ultra c.0, w0 on a Picaxe 20X2); haven't got the hardware at hand to really try it...
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    I2C calculations - very readable article about pullup resistor size, bus loading etc.

    Questions about I2C communications have come up frequently in the past - often regarding the choice of pullup resistors (2.2k? 4.7k?), maximum data rate for a certain bus length etc, so I thought this article should be helpful to many of you...
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    Logicator confusion

    I just started introducing my 7 year old son into Picaxe programming on the Microbot. For this I am using the Logicator. We have LEDs blinking and Happy Birthday playing (just copied the examples in the Microbot manual) so the first hurdle is behind us and my son is very excited. However a few...
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    Datalogger Program (VB6) including source code

    Due to popular request - full grapical datalogger program writtem in VB6 - stripped down version of my DPScope software. Includes source code: Wolfgang
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    Simple oscilloscope for Picaxe work - finally finished! (DPScope SE)

    "Only" 18 months between proof of concept and final design of what was supposed to be a minor diversionary effort on the side... but finally I finished the DPScope SE project. For those interested in the history, look at these two threads...
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    Article about pulse width modulation (PWM)

    This may be of interest to the Picaxe community - judging from the number of times someone asks about how to choose reasonable parameters for PWM frequency and low pass filter: Wolfgang
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    Designspark PCB vs. Diptrace

    I am quite familiar with Diptrace and own the full version, but always like to look around what else is out there. I have heard about Designspark PCB several times in the past, and it seems one of the few truly free programs (i.e. neither feature limitations nor does it tie you to a specific...
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    Your opinion counts - questions regarding simple but usable oscilloscope

    All, made some good progress on this effort. In fact, I have the thing running in datalogger mode (without any analog frontend of course, just a trimmer feeding the ADCs). Now the question is - what would people prefer - see attached poll. For anybody not familiar with the topic, the original...
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    speeding up the touch sensors

    I just built up the touch sensor demo board and played around a bit. I noticed that the sensing takes quite some time when using the default touch sensor configuration. This can be an issue when scanning several sensors in a row - short key presses won't get reliably recognized. Luckily the...
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    Interest in very simple but usable oscilloscope?

    Hi all, as for sure many of you are aware by now, I like building test equipment including oscilloscopes. See the Picaxe scope at or the dsPIC oscilloscope at Right now I am playing with a much simpler design - not Picaxe based (I tried...
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    Free Picaxe oscilloscope, anyone?

    Hello all, as some may already be aware of, I have a new scope design (not Picaxe based this time) which can more than replace the Picaxe scope - smaller, faster, higher performance, easier to build, lower cost, etc. (who said you can't get all of these at the same time ;)). Anybody interested...
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    interesting sound card for Picaxe robot projects

    Maybe this post would fit better under Audio/Visual or Robots, but then again, the Active Picaxe Forum gets the most views: I remember past discussions about how to add sound/speech to a project, so maybe some may find the following interesting - I stumbled across it by chance...
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    pedestrian readadc with all bells & whistles

    I was playing around with the ADC on a PIC12F683 - although the compiler I use has a built-in adc_read library function I wanted to have a bit more control over the actual settings (e.g. which sample clock to use). After writing the code I could not resist and ported it over to the Picaxe 08M...
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    GLCD driver chip for Picaxe project - your input please

    In the past quite a few people have tried to use GLCDs with Picaxe, with mixed success. One issue I guess is the Picaxe's processing speed (or lack thereof) when driving the low-level GLCD interface. On the other hand there are serially interfaced GLCD but they tend to be pricey - given that you...
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    Picaxe-based oscilloscope - upgrade to Picaxe 28X2

    Sorry for crossposting, if the moderator considers it inappropriate, please remove this thread - but I couldn't make up my mind if this post is talking about a completed project or work in progress. Hello all, I have published the new firmware and PC software version as well as the...
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    Picaxe based oscilloscope - upgrade to Picaxe 28X2

    Hello all, I have published the new firmware and PC software version as well as the step-by-step description of the upgrade. I also put the schematic and layout of all the scope versions online. Main benefits are: - screen update rate almost twice as fast (on my laptop, 11 frames/sec vs. 6...
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    Picaxe Oscilloscope & Picaxe 28X2

    Hello all, I thought I post this here (rather than in the "Finished Projects" section) since it is still work in progress: I am currently porting my Picaxe based oscilloscope from the 28X1 (running at 16 MHz) over to the 28X2 (running at 40 MHz). On that occasion I already implemented a number...
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    to Technical: resolution of pulsout vs. pauseus; hardware interrupts

    I have to say I am more than eager to try out the new 28X2 and especially the big surprise, the 20X2. Two questions beforehand: (1) the Basic manual states that the timing resolution of the pauseus command is 10 us at 4 MHz for the X1 parts, but 10us at 8 MHz for the X2 parts. So I assume the...
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    433 MHz wireless link trick

    Hi all, just wanted to share my recent discovery: I'm sure many people know those cheap, simple 433 MHz transmitter/receiver pairs which are supposed to be a drop-in into a serial data line (receiver will simply mimic the level on the transmitter, so you connect the transmitted to the Picaxe...
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    bug in hsersetup baud rate constant (B38400_20)

    I think I discovered another mistake in the baud rate constants: B38400_20 is defined as 172, but it should be 129. I checked it in my circuit, communication works at 38400 baud (28X1 running at 20 MHz) when I use a hardcoded 129 a baudrate parameter for hsersetup, but it doesn't when I use...