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    Turn on DFPlayer with 08M

    For simplicity I left this out. I am controlling the unit serially. I will try the high side switch as you mention and then a pam8403. Hopefully that won't have the same issue. It is just for a picture frame so the inbuilt amp is adequate.
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    Turn on DFPlayer with 08M

    I have a CHI040 and I want to turn on a DFPlayer same as in the SPE035. So I have hooked it up as below. The reason I want to do this is the player uses a huge amount of current when doing nothing. It may need to turn on for 30 seconds a day, at the moment when it is idle the circuit...
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    Pressure sensor/transducer 0 -> 100psi

    Does any one know of a sensor that will measure pressure up to 100PSI, not fussed on output preferably digital. I have seen a few out there but they are hugely expensive! It will used to measure pressure within a water bottle rocket. Thx, Jason
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    Ethernet help

    Hi, I guess everyone that has Ethernet on their project uses the same methods to communicate. Specifically with the internet, maybe twitter updates or getting data. So maybe you can help get my head around my current problem. I have a serial to Ethernet module that supports ARP, UDP, TCP...
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    #freq 20X2

    Do you not need to set this for the 20x2? The manual says 28x/40x parts only. I have a 20x2 @ 16Mhz and Debug does not appear to be communicating. thx
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    Dead 20x2, any chance to recover?

    Hi, I had a few checksum errors to a 20x2 (using a AXE118). I only have power and serial download cable attached and it won't program at all anymore. Anyone have any magic tricks to recover from this? Thanks Jason
  7. J

    20x2 i/o

    Just to verfiy. ALL pins can be either input or output on a 20x2 except C.6. The manual says Hserout can't be used with the download output, what does that mean? As a rule you always use a pullup for serial coms? Cheers,
  8. J

    20x2 Wiznet Hserin

    Hi, I have a wiznet lan to serial module I can send serial data to and from the module using serin/serout. I want to send serial data out but have hserin in the background to the sratchpad. When I physically connect to hserin...
  9. J

    1-wire support 20x2

    1-wire commands (owin owout) can be used from any I/O pin on a 20x2? I see the infamous 'One-Wire Tutorial’ is still AWOL. Just the theory of 1-wire is...well, 1 wire. If I were to use a input and output pin wouldn't that technically make it a 2-wire?
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    Multiplication problem

    If I put 3 into B3 and multiply by 10 I get 30. If I Get 10,b3 and multiply it I don't b3=3 b4=b3*10 b4=30 get 10,b3 'scratchpad value of 10 is 3 b4=b3*10 b4=" " '$FE or something random Why is this?
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    New to interrupts, help please

    Hi there, Haven't played with interrupts before so this might be a pretty obvious mistake. I have a cell phone that has a built in AT modem that has coms over RS232. Attached to a 20X2 it sends notifications of sms messages to the picaxe. It then sends the message to a 4D OLED. Heres my code...
  12. J

    ulafat distributer in NZ

    Given up on dosonchip, any kiwi's know where to get these in NZ? Cheers,
  13. J

    How do I send a " with serout?

    So I have a string like (AT+CSCA="+3828454738") Is my only option ("AT+CSCA=",34,"+3828454738",34)? i.e how do you escape chars in the editor Thx
  14. J

    MAX232 to picaxe without a PC

    I have a phone with a data cable. The phone has a hayes compatiable modem in it so Im pretty keen to get it going with a pixace. Probem is the cable has 1.A micoprocessor for translating commands and 2. some sort of max232 setup to level shift from the phone (3.3v) to a PC. Problem is I want...
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    20x2 64Mhz testing

    Has anyone had a crack at running a 20x2 at this speed? What is the theoretical maximum baud do you think? Any kiwi's know where to find the correct resonators?
  16. J

    How would you do it? 16 led's

    Isn't it funny how they have about 8 different versions of a datasheet for the same chip with tiny differences? For example a 4514 Latched 4-16 decoder. On one sheet it says that the input data is held and released to the outputs on a strobe. While another says the last data input is held and...
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    Hi all, Has anyone sucsessfully interfaced with a cellphone to send out serial data? Or should I say open a modem connection with a cellphone and send data. I want to be able to send data from a GPS via a cellphone to webserver and from threads I have found it's a tall ask due to the high...
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    FTDI Garbage bits

    Hello, Anyone played with the FTDI usb to serial converter chips? I have one hooked up for serout of say pin6 of a 28x1 and after ummm 3 days fluffing have found that the first few bytes from thsi unit are actually garbage. I was trying to read the first byte of a i2c eeprom. I wrote some code...
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    Bits and bytes lesson

    Hi, Please digest the following.... The AT24C128/256 provides 131,072/262,144 bits of serial electrically erasable and programmable read only memory (EEPROM) organized as 16,384/32,768 words of 8 bits each. I don't understand. Why does does my 24c128 have 256bytes? Why don't they just say the...
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    In circuit Programmer

    Hello, Does any one know if there is a tool that will program chips insute like a SOIC? We could upgrade a printer board with I2C (50 printers) but the brainbox who designed the board (HP) left no capabilities to upgrade the firmware. We will have to replace all the boards at great cost to the...