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    changed username

    Thanks Hippy, much appreciated
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    changed username

    i everyone, I attempted to log in with my username, and failed, hence I used my email address. It appears that my username has changed from 'kevrus' to 'krevrus'. I have never used 'krevrus' and looking at previous posts, (admittedly from a few years ago), it can be seen that others have used...
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    variable resetting when changing slot

    According to the manual... "To run the second program (after downloading with a #slot 1 directive) use the command ‘run 1’. This command stops the current program and starts the second program running immediately. Variables and pin conditions are not reset, so can be shared between the...
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    car AC thermostat

    Just a simple little project, born about due to no real temp control on my car AC. Using an 18x, DS18B20 and a 2x16 display. internal temp reading is taken 5 times and the average is used for display and control. This I may alter if it proves unsuitable. Picture of unit fitted into the car is...
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    28x2 possible sim error...or is it me?

    when reading the state of the outputs into b0 for example on a 28x1, the value will show in b0 when simulated #picaxe 28x1 let outpins =%10101010 pause 2000 readoutputs b0 pause 2000 when trying it for 28x2, b0 remains at zero in the sim...(page 2 of the x2 product briefing shows the...
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    28x2 and hintsetup ...what am I doing wrong?

    After migrating a working program from a 28x1 to a 28x2, I noticed an interrupt issue. In a nutshell, I can't seem to get out of the interrupt's a test routine thats using INT 0 (B.0). It goes to interrupt when B.0 = 1, but keeps jumping back into the interrupt routine when B.0=0...
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    GLCD with RGB backlight

    A while ago, Andrew Cowan found a nifty 128 x 64 graphic display with RGB backlight, see this thread... For anyone with one of these who wishes to drive it from the GLIC chip that Rev-Ed supplies, it should be noted that the pin-outs are...
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    DTMF relay controller

    Here's a little project that i've completed...just for the sake of it as I got the DTMF decoder chips for £0.76 each. As with all my projects, they are quite basic both in complexity and coding. It uses a DTMF decoder chip and a 20M, and after a certain number of rings, the call is...
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    Disaster has struck

    Here's a strange thing. I thought I would try out '' so I could access my PC from work. Everything worked like a dream, I could access my PC as though I was actually there. I opened up various programs with no problems including program editor, and was able to close them all down...
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    Binary Clock

    This is nothing fancy, but I thought i'd post it anyway. My youngest daughter gave me a picture frame for fathers day a couple of years ago and I never got around to putting a pic (no pun intended) in it, so, to put it to good use, and also to have my first attempt at using surface mount stuff...
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    pwmduty in prog editor

    just a quick question as I cant find the answer with a search, should the PWMDUTY command work in the editor as i,m getting syntax error? this is the command line, 28x1 device selected: pwmduty 1,50,b0 'alter duty cycle on pwmout as set by b0 (throttle position) thanks
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    just to test the code bits... dream: this code lets any picaxe do anything I want goto dream
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    2 channel frost stat

    Here's a couple of pics (no pun intended) of my 2 channel frost stat. It uses an 18x and a 4x20 lcd dispay. The initial requirement was to just provide adjustable seperate upstairs and downstairs frost protection from one central point on my zoned central heating system. It then progressed...
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    additional 18x output?

    I had a quick search but couldnt find anything, so is there a way of poking a register to make either the serout download pin or another input pin on an 18x into a digital output? I can't easily use any form of multiplexing and don't really want to use a 28x, I could use a separate 08 but would...
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    readtemp12 negative values

    I think I may be a little stupid, ive read various posts regarding readtemp12 negative temps but I still can't seem to follow how to write the code. This is what i'm using at present for positive temps to 1 decimal place: (copied from somewhere but I cant remember where, although I do follow it...
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    prototype boards

    In case anyone is interested, ive made these boards for various picaxe chips so they just plug into breadboard...makes prototyping a bit easier. Download circuit, reverse polarity diode and decoupling cap included on all boards. I still need tomark the supply pins with appropriate coloured...
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    08m code optimising

    Just playing around with a bit of code for an 08m, 2 x ds18b20 and a 2x 16 lcd display. My code is 26 bytes too long and I can't seem to reduce it any more, any suggestions would be appreciated. (I am a bit dense when it comes to writing code..still learning!) start: pause 200 serout...
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    28x1 porta in simulator

    Hi, not sure if this is the right place for this question but... the manual states that it is not possible to test i/p from two different ports in one 'if' command. therefore am i right in thinking that ' if portA pin2=0 and pin3=1 then jump' should test pins 2 and 3 of portA? when ran in...
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    serial chip issues

    trying to use an lcd from 18x using the serial chip (ihave two brand new ones). cannot even get welcome message up on display, in fact, connecting VDD from lcd to pin 18 on serial chip will not even power up display. wiring on breadboard appears correct, (checked several times) and 18x is ok...
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    setting adc pins as digital inputs

    hi, i'm not doing very well at this, how do i set the adc pins as digital inputs on a 28A or a 28X and use it on the flowchart? ( i need 12 inputs) many thanks...kev