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    yet more RGB tomfoolery

    I was experimenting with pulsout to vary the brightness of an LED, its been done before but I wanted to figure it out for myself. Using pulsout if you make your pulse longer (mark) and your off time shorter or keep it the same (space) the effect will be that the led will be on longer than it is...
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    Picaxe books

    Does anybody recommend a good PICAXE text book?
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    More serial stuff

    I've done a search but found nothing really relevent but I'm sure I've not been looking hard enough. So far I've managed to get my pair of 433Mhz radio modules to work properly. I started with. TX RX This proved that my link worked and I was able to get about 100M range using a 1/4 wave...
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    TV Remote Control

    On a rummage around a skip I found a 26" LCD TV. It was an unknown make (Technosonic) and it didn't work. I found that one half of the on/off switch had failed so I bridged it and hey presto a working TV. The only bugbear was I couldn't find the remote control and I bought a universal remote...
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    Simple latch

    Me again, more goofing around Easy project press a button and the LED lights press it again and the LED goes out. The pause is an issue is there a cleaner way of doing this?
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    how do I?..

    Long time lurker first time poster!! Been playing about with the picaxe experimenter board with the 18X i got for xmas. Haven't played with microcontrollers since the mid 90's when it was .asm code. So a couple of questions.... First of all how do i put a input into a register (ie PIN0 into...