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    Manual Original file format

    I happen to have a Nook e-reader, and thought it would be really nice to be able to have the manual in epub format for the nook as a handy reference. I also have Calibre software that will convert from several other formats to epub, but can be iffy. If you do not mind asking, what format is...
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    18m2 touch a potential solution to fule out sensor?

    18m2 touch a potential solution to fuel out sensor? An ongoing project on my back burner is determining if fuel is flowing through a line (or present within a fuel line) without physically interrupting/breeching/penetating the line. Basically a sensor that warns when the fuel has run out...
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    18M2 and AXE031

    I am guessing that the new 18M2 is compatible with the AXE031 21 servo controller, like the 18X? Is that correct? Any known gotchas? Cheers,
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    ESC Update

    Sadly, Vex Robotics has discontinuing the Vex Motor Controller I have recommended in the past. If you can find a Vex Motor on Ebay, it is the board contained therein. This was a handy little jewel for only USD$10. All is not lost, however. For USD$34...
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    Some interesting new servos has just started carrying some very interesting new servos, including a sail-winch (multi-turn) servo in the size format of a regular, standard size servo (most sail-winch servos are much larger). He also has a truly tiny metal-geared servo that...
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    Another Nesbit Solution

    For those familiar with the Nesbit issue, there is another potential solution to tracking the dear bunny. Credit where it is due, I spotted this thing on
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    News on 20x2?

    Just wondering, since the original Microchip release date for the underlying chip on the 20x2 was supposed to be 29/6, if there was any news on the potential release date? Cheers, Wreno
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    New 3D ABS printer on the cheap

    For those who missed this on Dvice, Gizmodo or Make, I came across this this AM: It is a 3D printer that works in ABS plastic, to build 3D objects about the size of a cupcake or smaller. I am betting there would be tons of uses for cases, knobs, etc. in Picaxe...
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    LDR for interrupting proximity sensor

    I was fiddling around with an LDR this weekend, trying to cobble together a sensor to count revolutions (relatively slow ones -1-70 RPM, but perhaps measuring in as small as quarter rev, so up to 280 300 pulses per minute). I had left my sensors designed to do this at home, but had some LDRs...
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    Another New Nesbit Solution (Really)

    Sadly, this particular one only works if Nesbit moves to the US, but the ZOOMBAK can be set up with safety zones (the yard, roughly?), and will alert you when...
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    count and servo and debug in the same loop

    Thinking about a servo test rig (to test speed of CR servos. However, my piccaxe stuff is out of pocket (in another vehicle) for a couple of days, or UI woulkd just be sussing this out with a hardware test. What is giving me pause - I was wanting to use the Servo, Count, and debug commands all...
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    Lowering voltage to a motor

    This question came up in another forum and got me pondering. You have a 5v system. You have a motor rated at 3V max (max draw at stall is between 1-2A). You want to drive the motor both forwards and reverse within your 5v system, but deliver only 3v to the motor. If it were unidirectional, I...
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    UNIO Support on X2s

    My ears perked up when I noticed that the new UNIO one-wire eeprom chips were supported by the X2. Frankly, these were new to me, so I poked around a bit. Apparently the UNIO one-wire standard is intended for more than just memory. Anyone know if such things as ADC's temperature sensors. etc...
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    A (not so) new sped controller

    The Vex Robotics guys have debundled the controller board in their Vex Motors, and are selling it separately for USD$10 - look at the bottom of the page (why it is under "logic" rather then "Motion: is beyond me). This is basically a tine ESC...
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    Some interesting Radio Communication bits

    For someone who is a glutton for creating a new product... there is a new radio out of Hong Kong, the Turborix 6ch discussed at length (with some nice photos of the guts, the programming information, etc.) here: It is a 6ch 2.4gHz hobby RC...
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    Hmmm. Saw on another site that the guys at B@sicMicr0 have a new version of the B@sic Atom, the Nano. And, guess what... Looks like it is based on the same chips as the X1 series of Picaxe (the 40 pin uses a 16F887). And these are bare chips with a bootloader, like Picaxe, not modules like...
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    The new 28x2 modules (SMT chip on carrier) are up on the store site, but without a price or documentation yet. Imminent release? Cheers, Wreno
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    Pot signal modification - Picaxe or not?

    I have a circuit that has me scratching my head. This is for a special mix in radio control. The 2 channels are controlled by an analog voltage using pots as voltage dividers from 0-5v. When pot A is between 0 and 2v, I want to add 3v and feed that to the second channel in place of the normal...
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    360 degree absolute position encoder

    OK, I just came across this (apparently hall effect) 360 degree rotary encoder some might find useful or at least interesting. It is USD$36 for qty 1 (ouch), but the ballbearing version is rated at 15,000 RPM. It gives 10 bit analogue or PWM output, and up to 12 bit PWM if you get that model...
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    New(?) PIC with USB

    I apologize if this has been covered and I have missed it, but I just came across an ad with Microchip touting integrated USB client and host capabilities built into some of the chips in its range. Is this actually pretty new, or just new to me? Anyone know if they are released and/or...