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    serout in parallel tasks

    Hello, I have a program that uses parallel task processing feature of M2 and would like to send UART data with 9600 Bd with serout command. As far as I understand, programs with parallel task processing automatically use 16 MHz clock frequency, but using N9600_16 results in a baudrate of...
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    irin with SIRC15

    Hello, I have a remote control that sends Sony SIRC15 protocol. PICAXE command irin expects SIRC12. As far as I understand, SIRC15 has 3 bits more in the device code (or address) at the end. With my example code shown below, the received IR...
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    Download code to external slot with Picaxe 20X2

    Hello, Picaxe 20X2 has one internal slot (0) and supports up to 32 external slots. I would like to download code in external I2C EEPROM slot 4: #slot 4 But I get an error message from PE6: #slot - 20X2 only has slot 0! How can the program be loaded to an external slot in I2C EEPROM? Thanks...