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    Conector with 6.4v between tip and center

    Hi! sorry I was delayed by my job; thank you all again for your help. So here is what I did: 1) I replaced the 9V battery with a 12v 1A PSU 2) Using my multimeter I measured the voltage regulator and PICAXE socket without the chip and got a 4.34v reading (don't know if that's enough) 3) Re...
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    Conector with 6.4v between tip and center

    Thank you! I tried the hard reset but I get the same response: Verification error - 0x00 transmitted but nothing received at byte 0. I also tried to clear the program; same result. I'm using a fresh 9v battery, and I measured the 7805 and it's a perfect 5v. I've seen the same issue in older...
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    Conector with 6.4v between tip and center

    Hello! I'm having an issue using a TRENDNET TU-S9 (prolific chip) USB to RS232 adapter. I'm able to read the firmware of the chip, but I cannot download any data. The loop test pass perfect. When I do the voltage test, it reads -6.4v with the led off and 6.4v with the led on. I removed the...
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    Yet Another Hardware not found

    Hello guys, I've built on a breadboard the download circuit for a Picaxe 8m2 and I can't get it to download a program or read the firmware BUT it does give me the message "This is your picax..." perfectly well. Some parameters: - I've added a decoupling capacitor in the power supply. - I'm...