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    Are Rev-Ed & Picaxe missing out??

    Picaxe is fine for many applications and in my view simpler than Arduino to understand for most people. You can do so much with them, adding all sorts of peripherals such as touchscreens, speech modules etc etc. without all that complicated library stuff that's hard to get your head around...
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    eeprom endurance

    This is the missing post AllyCat refers to ... I am using three variables b1, b2 and b3 to count to over 16m 'cycles' of my system. 256^3=16,777,216 Every 'cycle' requires a subsequent power down and power up (not negotiable) so I write the variables to three eeprom locations prior to power...
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    eeprom endurance

    Thanks for your replies. Inglewoodpete - would you kindly explain 'full EEPROM refresh' please.
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    eeprom endurance

    An old subject I know, without much in the way of definitive conclusion other than to rely only upon the Microchip data. So how to avoid exceeding the internal eeprom stated minimum endurance? I have a project which uses a 20M2 to control a sequence of events (a cycle). I count every cycle and...
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    Restarting a Program

    In order to jump back to the start of a program following an interrupt I have used the reset command. My question: does ‘reset’ clear any data l’ve put in the eeprom using a ‘write’ command?
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    Interrupt and Return problem

    My project has a stop button which invokes an interrupt sub-routine (turn off all the outputs, bleep a buzzer twice). At the end of that sub-routine I know that I have to put a RETURN command but the problem is that I want the program to return to the first line not the next line due to be...
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    stop, end, doze, sleep, nap....which ones disable the interrupt function?

    Not clear from the Picaxe manuals, does anybody out there have a definitive guide please?
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    Use an interrupt to prompt SERIN

    I'm a bit stuck on this one and would appreciate any help the forum can give me please: I have two Picaxes communicating via SEROUT and SERIN commands, hardwired together. The SEROUT on chip A is prompted by an interrupt (a 'GO' switch) and this works just fine. What I'm struggling with is...
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    Most reliable communication method

    Hi Forum, I have a commercial project which will use two Picaxe's, one in the control module and the other in a handset 5 metres away. For reliability which communication protocol would be best, serial TTL, I2C or SPI ? The interconnection cable is not yet specified so it could be shielded and...