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    Forum 10,000 max characters

    Forum 10,000 max characters this is not nearly enough. I wanted to post some code with formatting 33,000 characters this was rejected. I've seen others who have split over more than one post this should not be happening. 100,000 should cover it and more than two attachments. Thank you.
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    pe6.pdf Compiler Directives: #TITLE Set a title for the remote download tool Is this for PICAXE COM to TCP/IP Redirection Service aka SEC (Serial to Ethernet Connector) or something else?
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    PE 6.0.7 Blocks

    {'Title Code here } PE 6.0.7 No longer displays "Title" when blocks are collapsed. Edit: #region #endregion I did not use #region #endregion in previous versions of PE because I was able to use a comma after the { then add text, this text would show when the block was collapsed...
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    4x4 Truck

    Stage one complete. Major mechanical components now in place. Two powerful drive motors front and rear driven separately. Differential gearboxes used at both ends. Steering at both ends. Bumpers not yet made, needed to protect vulnerable steering linkage setup. Steering servos mounted. Servos...
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    AXE200 / AXE201 Low Profile Module

    AXE200 / AXE201 Low Profile Module. This was an experiment that has not worked on the first attempt. I made the mistake of removing the original pins, next time I’ll leave them in and just file them close to flush with the surface of the PCB. Then trim the sides so that the pins are exposed...
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    Request for larger slot size.

    Will Rev Ed consider making available PIC18F46K22/PIC18F26K22 to increase slot size from 4,096 to 8,192 bytes?
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    What's wrong with this picture?

    What's wrong with this picture?
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    What's wrong with this picture?

    What's wrong with this picture?
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    Rfin suggestion

    Suggestion: rfin [timeout,address],pin, variable, variable, variable, variable, variable, variable, variable, variable This reminds me of the bad old days when serial in was blocking. Rfin blocks all commands even interrupts? Works fine until your transceiver locks up then your are suck...
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    TMR3SETUP TIMER3 28X2/40X2 Firmware B.3

    TMR3SETUP TIMER3 28X2/40X2 Not functional on firmware B.3 '#COM 8 'AXE027 CABLE #TERMINAL 9600 #PICAXE 28X2 TMR3SETUP %10000001 DO PAUSE 1000 SERTXD ("TIMER3 = ",#TIMER3,CR,LF) LOOP
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    #Revision Bug

    #REVISION Bug POKESFR $0E,n is required for slots 5 through 7; did not try 8 through 31. Tested on 28X2 Module AXE200 firmware B.1 P.E. v5.3.2
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    Poke error when sequential data is written up to location $7F.

    Poke 28X2/40X2 P.E. v5.3.1 Error when sequential data is written up to location $7F.
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    AXE181 PICAXE 18M2 TOUCH SENSOR DEMO BOARD v1.0.0 Auto Configuration by Tarzan

    AXE181 PICAXE 18M2 TOUCH SENSOR DEMO BOARD v1.0.0 Auto Configuration by Tarzan This file will auto configure the AXE181 PICAXE 18M2 TOUCH SENSOR DEMO BOARD with some human intervention. When prompted to do so place four fingers one on each of the touch pad symbols. You may want to adjust the...
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    Project Box 4X40 LCD

    Project Box 4x40 LCD This project box is for semi permanent projects that require housing. It is equipped with AXE022 proto-board, AXE111 data logger memory expander, breadboard area, 40x4 LCD, DS1307 RTC module & infrared PCB. Using an infrared remote controller negates the need to cut holes...
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    B0 = "\" Bug

    B0 = "\" 'Error in this line.
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    I would like to take a poll of those users that have read the firmware.txt document. Question: Are you confident that you know which firmware release is current for each microprocessor in the Picaxe range? I ask this question for a valid reason, if Technical will let this run it may provide...
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    40X2 Template

    This template is to demonstrate how to use slots with only a single .bas file keeping all symbols, variables & constants together for easy management. It also employs a method of program direction flow for when returning from one slot to another named my_pointer. Before exiting any slot set...
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    Play tune received from Master Picaxe

    This code is to receive a tune sent by master Picaxe followed by CR to terminate end of string. SYMBOL MUSIC_OUT = B.0 SYMBOL TEMPO = B0 #com 0 #picaxe 20x2 #no_data #no_table SETFREQ M4 HSERSETUP B9600_4, %111 FLAG5 = 0 PTR = 0 HSERINPTR = 0 SETINTFLAGS...
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    External slots with other i2c device.

    Hi all Now I have done some testing with this, but just to make sure I’ll put the question out there. When running external slots is it ok to have another i2c device on the i2c bus such as DS1307? So for instance I run slot 0 with DS1307 and do non-i2c things in slot 4. This from the manual:
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    AXE200 Documentation for EEPROM?

    AXE200 Documentation I received my first AXE200 today and when turning it over I was surprised to see a location provided for an eight pin ic, which I envisage is for EEPROM. My question is there any documentation for this. If EEPROM will it become an option available when placing order?