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    What I Did with PICAXE During Lockdown

    Very nice. Looks like a lot of fun. Good Luck.
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    Minimal (Fast) Quadrature Detector code for (optical) Rotary Encoder

    Thanks for your effort. I have played with Picaxe's educationally for many years. No longer teaching and semi retired, playing with a Nidec printer drum driver that comes with a 4 phase encoder. Can vary speed, break and measure RPM. Just started to play with the 4 phase capabilities and came...
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    2-way comms with Excel Plx-daq to 40x?

    Thanks to previous help, WestAus and others. I have now successfully sent data to excel for processing/recording. Can I download to a 40x from Plx-daq via serial cable to turn outputs on? I understand the 40x can do this but I'm unable to get any info from the Plx-daq help file. Any advice as to...
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    Data into excel?

    Thanks to WestAust and others, my 40x will now collect data and send to Terminal via download cable. Would like to automatically get data from terminal into MS Excel or a text file first? Any ideas or help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    ReadTemp and the 40x

    Hi guys, new to forum and finally worked out how to send a post. I'm trying to write a program to controll an Aquaponics system in a hot house.The PicAxe Editor tells me I have a discontinued 40x which is installed on the Axe 022 proto board kit. Is this worth pursuing with or get a new chip...