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    Chamberlain Motion Receivers CWA2000 to Picaxe via KYK_MSI1 (Rev A)

    This project was done to solve a few annoying problems: 01 Get my girlfriend to stop saying “whutzat?” every time something beeps at my place 02 Let my kayak tell me what’s happening with the control system (without having to look at the display) 03 Other ad hoc thangs’ that...
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    Moving from Win7 to Win10

    Since a lot of folks have moved or contemplating a move to Windows 10, I thought it might be a good idea to open a project containing information to help others with problems they may encounter. The attached .pdf explains how to keep Win7 in a VM (virtual machine) with full functionality while...
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    Power Supplies: 2 Switchers 1 Linear 40mm Cooling Fan

    hi folks, WARNING: If you use the USB connector output option on the KYK_PDM7 board described below, DO NOT connect anything UNTIL AFTER YOU HAVE ADJUSTED THE OUTPUT TO +5v !!!! This is a +5v output only, NOT a USB communications connector (Data+ Data- are not connected). Since this is a...
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    Picaxe Analog Inputs Scaling & Calibration

    This project presents a strategy for the design & calibration of analog inputs for Picaxe processors. The Picaxe is great for most projects we dream up: Simple hardware, a simple BASIC-like language, & a really fine editor with good simulation capabilities. Most projects are a breeze...
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    Opto Isolator Board for Connecting old wireless system to Picaxe (also Old Apache Trick via CorelDraw)

    Geez… too rainy to fish and too old to make love all day. May as well do a little project. This little project is very simple but quite useful. Searching the forum for “opto isolator’ I see a lot of posts so I’m not going to go into a “how it works” dialog. For newbies to electronics: The...
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    Host Board for Constant Current Hi-Intensity LED Drivers

    Just a simple host board for making (playing with) Constant-Current drivers easier & more fun. I didn’t list any code for the Picaxe 60Hz PWM that may be used to build a variable current source as most of y’all already know how to do that. If anybody uses this stuff to make a programmable...
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    Sparky + Picaxe-08M2 (Usage Suggestions Appreciated)

    Sparky Very Lo-Power Picaxe Invoker & Zombie Zapper hi folks, This is a very simple analog board that does a lot of stuff on it's own, but is also useful for waking up Picaxe boards to perform a specific task. The standby current is very low (1uA @ 12v, 0.5uA @ 5v) so great for...
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    Isolated power supplies

    Isolated power supplies This project may at first glance appear to have nothing to do with the Picaxe world. In fact, if you are just starting out in electronics or just a casual hobbyist, right now you’re probably thinking “Meah… power supplies, so what”. However, if you are an...
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    Picaxe to Humminbird 700 series Fishfinder GPS?

    hi folks, Trying not to reinvent the wheel here (hoping this is a road someone else has already been down). Has anyone successfully connected a Picaxe to a Humminbird 700 series GPS fishfinder? If so, would you mind sharing what you've learned? My yak already has a 20M2 controlling the...
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    Cheap & Easy Motion Detectors/Night Light Controllers (Picaxe or Stand-alone)

    hi folks, See attached pdf. I've used a lot of these gadgets around the house for turning on night lights & sensing motion (driveway etc.). If using with a Picaxe, leave out JP & pull the Picaxe input high with ~10k...100k resistor. Pickup distance ~25 feet. You can power it with +5v if you...
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    Picaxe Chip Labels

    hi folks, I was printing out a few Picaxe chip labels today & thought they might be of interest to some of y'all. There is also a 2nd .pdf that explains why & how I use labels. Note: If you find any mistakes on the labels, let me know.
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    Linear Conversions and Analog Inputs for Picaxe

    hi folks, Since the Picaxe does not have floating point, it can be a pain to do units conversions. To keep from constantly reinventing the wheel, I use a conversion procedure that takes care of most stuff. Since the analog inputs on the Picaxe are not hi-res, I usually just convert to 0.1...
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    Picaxe Kayak Control Project

    hi folks, This project describes a kayak control system my buddy & I built last winter. We have enjoyed using it all summer & thought it might be interesting for folks to see just how much functionality could be squeezed out of a Picaxe processor. I attempted to fully document the...
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    Squeezing a Picaxe for all it's Worth! (For Kayaks)

    This is a project I did last winter: A kayak control system: The little Picaxe-20M2 is controlling the speed, direction, & lighting on my yak (I've enjoyed it all summer). Note the OLED display. Picaxe, the little chip that could! (albeit I squeezed the memory for all it's worth) Now, if I can...