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    AXE133 display problem

    For some reason, an AXE133 oled display has suddenly switched to displaying all data in mirror mode. I replaced the display with another, & that displays text in normal mode, so the issue is with this particular module. Does anyone know if there is a command to set/reset mirror mode for this...
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    Permission denied for linux install of Blockly

    Trying to get Blockly running on a 32 bit version of Ubuntu 16.04 on an Intel box. Followed the instructions on the software download page, but when I try to execute the installer, I get "Permission denied" response. My user is an administrator and I'm the owner of all the directories & files...
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    Minimising cuurent draw

    Hi. I have a project in development that consists of an 08M2 & an 18M2. The 08M2 manages a DS3231 RTC & the 18 has a number of analogue & digital inputs. I have tried researching the PIC datasheets, but the quoted electrical characteristics do not include minimum input current requirements...
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    ADC anomaly - HELP

    Hi. I have a strange problem with ADC. I have spend many hours trawling thru the forum & have implemented a number of various suggestions, however the anomaly remains. I am trying to monitor the battery voltage of a 12V SLA battery connected to a solar charging panel. The solar panel is diode...