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    Help when coding with two 08M in circuit

    When I'm writing the basic code for a circuit with two 08M controllers , how do I indicate which code blocks are for the first 08M and which code blocks are for the second 08M. How can they be identified and/or designated in the program?? Can you supply me with a code snippet as an example...
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    Seeking code for Stan Swan / Maluka Dorji Audio Tone Tx Project

    Hi, I'm getting into wireless data transmission using Dorji 433MHz Tx/Rx. Stan Swan wrote a smashing article (dorjiask.pdf) regarding this around 2012/2013, I have copies of this article. In the Audio Tone transmitter section (pg 6 of the article) Stan is using a 08M to modulate the Dorji tx...
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    Virtual Instruments display size

    When a virtual instrument is first placed on a schematic it is small in size to match the schematic layout. The same virtual instrument can also be displayed in a much larger format where the virtual instrument's controls can be manipulated. My question: how can you switch back and forth...