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  1. Rampz

    Oled screen problem

    I have a 4 line oled screen from the forum shop seemed to work just fine for a week but noticed the above vertical line, won't disappear and is brighter than anything displayed, I have to assume the screen has become damaged, any ideas?
  2. Rampz

    Tilt switch test rig

    Hello All Building a test rig for testing tilt switches, my best attempt at code below, having a few issues, atleast it mostly works firstly 1) I wanted to show in the terminal each time the tilt switch is operated on and off, but since i'm in a loop it shows multiple times, the switch...
  3. Rampz

    PICaxe 2022

    Where is picaxe heading in 2022, I'm no expert, I don't have 40+ years programming, I feel I'm 20 years late discovering picaxe, I'm an electrician but gave just found picaxe and love it. But when I look about and say lets add say wifi, Bluetooth, lets talk to the web etc, there are loads of...
  4. Rampz

    Vmusic2 cockrill

    I have been asked if i can add a Cockrill sound to an animated display, always looking for opportunities to use the picaxe's now, it seems the store is out of Vmusic2 modules so i have ordered one from RS, Firstly what the best picaxe to control it with i have the AXE091 board and it came with a...
  5. Rampz

    Programmable Relay Module

    This isn't a cry for help at the moment, I own and run and electronic security business for the last 30 odd years and we always one way or another need relay modules of one sort or another, and there's never the required one available. So I thought with my newly gained knowledge and past...
  6. Rampz

    Switching issues

    Hello All This is my first post, help please I copied some of the code from a book, played with it in ways only someone with no experience can and although it does work i noticed some issues, code as below #picaxe 08m2 #no_data setfreq m8 ' i set to 8mhz to see if it would help symbol...