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    Gear Position Indicator for Triumph Sprint GT

    The GPI project is running in VSM at last and I have to say the is the best sim I have used to date. I would appreciate any feedback as I now want to move to the actual loading of the chip I have a cct for filtering the speedo and tacho inputs and can upload them if anyone is interested...
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    Motorcycle Gear Position Indicator

    I have posted this on the VSM forum but I hope I may get some help here. I am trying to construct and simulate a Motorcycle Gear Position indicator. It was a project with gear pedal input using Hall effect trs and magnets but I find that too unreliable and want to build a project using RPM and...
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    VSM purchase

    Hey axe holders I have been evaluating the demo of VSM which looks very good and I now want to purchase it. It would seem that I have to pay freight from England to Australia for the product key on top of the purchase price. Am I reading that correct? Freight for a product key which could be...
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    28x M/C Gear shift indicator

    I have been trying for some time to perfect a motorcycle gear shift indicator I am driving a 7 segment led with a Pixaxe 28x on a proto board. Photo: Program: '2013 fifth version of m/c gear shift indicator 'Set Editor Program to Options Picaxe 28x 'Leverup is switch going low to high on Pin...