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    Flow Chart Not Flowing

    Flow Chart Refusing To Flow Hi hippy I tried your sugestions all how and the chart is not flowing as it should. Bo Its either both outputs 0 and 1 comes on and remains on or none of them comes on at all Bo
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    Flow Chart Not Flowing

    I have attached a copy of a flowchart I have been working on for some time and left it off Somehow a command seems to be missing in order to have the three outputs going high as follows. Using input 3 (switch) Press the first time and output 0 should go high and remain on. Press the...
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    Push Button Input

    For the longest while I have been struggling with this project. Namely: Getting input pin 3 on 08m2 to light four LEDs in turn when ever a push button switch attached to it is pressed. That is to say; On first press pin 0 should go high and remain high On second press Pin 1...
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    Getting an Analouge Circuit to Control a Digital Circuit

    I have been trying to get the analogue circuit as shown in the attachment ( circuit A ) to control the Digital circuit ( circuit B ) in order to have it going " on and off " I was hoping that by replacing the output "High 1" with a "Procedure" of circuit B, to get it operational but that was not...
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    Toggle Push Button Switch

    I have this flow chart that works perfectly as it should. Namely three presses on the analog sensor pin 4, and output pin 1 goes high. The three presses is being implemented to avoid accidental switching. The problem is that I am having some difficulty in turning it off. This is so in that I...
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    Missing resistors??

    I noticed that in some manuals there is a 1 k resistor on the digital and analogue input circuits whereas on other manuals or even in the very said manual the 1k resistor is missing. Is ther a reason for that. Is it necessary to have a 1k resistor going towards the input pins.
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    Verification of Digital Input Circuit

    I am in the process of making a PCB for a digital input circuit.Could you verify if it is correct for me. Pin 3 is input Pin 4 and 5 goes to ground Output Pin 0 goes to an LED Output 1 and 2 goes to an optocoupler 4N25 Thanking you
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    AXE027 Down load Cable On Windows 8 Failing to Install

    I have been trying for days without any success to install my usb download cable. 1. When viewed through Device manager it is installed and working properly 2. I have tried several configurations using the Wizard through the Program Editor and it is saying every thing is set up and working. 3...
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    Interfacing picaxe on motor vehicle

    Gentlemen I am no expert in the field of electronics. But standing up on the outside and noting "besupreme" seem very confident in his position he seem to be standing strong and appears to know what he is talking about especially for a new member. As I said in my original post there has not...
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    Interfacing picaxe on motor vehicle

    I just completed my 08M2 project but only to find out that there are safety issues to be considered in interfacing a Picaxe on a motor vehicle. Basically I would like to in cooperate one of those 9- 24 v DC Motion detectors that would simply serve as a switch to trigger the Picaxe when ever an...
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    Two Starts on Flow Chart but Only One is Working

    At present I am trying to have two flow charts running but only only one seems to be working, Individually they are working fine but ounce tthey are combined only the one with the LDR SEEMS TO BE WORKING. Pin 0 Output: is being controled by the Digital Input Pin2 Output: is being controled...
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    Using opto-isolator with picaxe

    I would like to use one opto-isolator being powered from two outputs. I noticed while running a simulation there was a feed back OF 4.6 nV and 187.29 pA. Is values of that magnitude reasons to be concerned or could I proceed and use the circuit. A copy of the circuit is attached.
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    08m2 motherboard

    While browsing around looking for answers to some of my concerns I encountered a bit of hardware it was described as the 08M2 Motherboard module and it immidiately peaked my intrest somewhatI Understand it as being a platform upon which a project can be constructed. That is to say you stick in...
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    For some time I have been trying to get an LDR CIRCUIT to work independent of the picaxe proto Board but for some unknown reason it is simply not working. Thus far I have built three circuits hoping that what ever oversight may have occured would be corrected. But all to no avail, pin 2 is...
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    Ldr flow chart not working on proto board

    This is the Schematic as requested the Proto board is the "Picaxe Proto Board" starter kit AS SOLD BY Rev. Education
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    Ldr flow chart not working on proto board

    I constructed the "LDR SWITCHING" circuit on a PROTO BOARD but for some reason it is just failing to do so. - see attachment- The Flow chart works perfectly. WORKING OPERATION A light source is to strike the LDR placed in a dark box in a sequence namely- Three...
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    Testing picaxe 08m2

    I just completed downloading a logicator flowchart program on my 08M2 chip ( I tsuspect ) . but Iam not getting any output reading. Is there any test that can be done to determine if it is working. Iam not even sure if it is a picaxe chip because there is no markings on the chip. Also if a...
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    Wanted: 08M PCB Circuit

    I have been trying for weeks to draw out a pcb circuit with little success. I tried Eagle PCB, Design Spark,Yenka to name a few. The problems have been either the respective libraries did not have one of the components I needed or the program was not to user friendly. One program would have...
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    Using Two Digital Inputs on a Single Picaxe

    It,s Me Here again I was just able to convert the cyberpet document into a jpeg. Document so here is it. ACH]
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    Using Two Digital Inputs on a Single Picaxe

    Bo Here Again On page twenty three of the Logicator Manual there is a example of using three inputs on one Picaxe. I was able to follow the circuit to light two LEDs from two different inputs. However I would like to activate two somewhat more complex circuits using a single PICAXE but Iam...