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    URF and ERF sleep mode?

    I'm making battery powered project where I'm using URF anf ERF modules. I measured that those boards(I tested ERF) are using 20-25mA current when they are powered on. Regarding the datasheet URF, ERF and XRF modules are using Texas Instruments CC1110 chip which sleep mode current should be...
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    Powering PICAXE T4 Trainer with battery

    Hi! I'm planning to order few Picaxe education boards. T4 board: seems to bee good, but I'am wondering if it is possible to use it with 3 x 1.5V batteries. Anyone knows?
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    Two Picaxe connected using erf and urf module

    I'm trying to make car parking place radar because one parking slot is situated in a narrow place so it's hard to reverse back there. Picaxe situated in parking slot is using ultrasonic sensor and it's sending trough picaxe urf module if there is a car or not. Picaxe situated in my car is using...
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    3d printer heater cartridge modification with Picaxe.

    I have build my own version of open source 3d printer. Link: I have ordered those parts all over the world and many of those parts I have done by using lathe and milling machine. Problem(Challenge) is that Ultimaker is using 19V...
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    Linaxepad crash and Ubuntu 14.04

    LinAxepad seems to open well on Ubuntu 14.04 but save, save as and open buttons crashes Axepad totally. In my case those buttons close whole Axepad. Is there any kind of solution for that? Am I missing some packgages or is there somekind of reason for that kind of behaviour? Save, save as and...
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    Interrupt with two input?

    At recent project I'm using Picaxe 20x2 uc. There would be need for interrupt which can be activated from pins C.1 OR C.2. Pin C.1 is getting all the time hits from hall effect sensor and pin C.2 is normal button and by pressing it you end up to a menu where is much different kind of parameters...
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    Code shortening

    I have a program where I have far too many similar commands which I'm using to control lcd. My problem is that after 450 lines of code it's frustrating to write any serout commands more. So...would it be possible to shorten command: serout c.7, n2400, (254, 128, "Something") to a form like lcd...
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    Lcd driver board

    I decided to do my own design of popular Axe133 lcd driver board. Problem with Axe 133 is that it uses different pinout diagrams compared to those other lcds which you can bought/get everywhere. So I changed Axe133 pinout diagram to suit those other hd44780 lcds. I also made a plug and play...
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    A question about diy lcd driver

    Yesterday I made my own axe133 lcd driver board which can be used directly with cheap 16x2 and 20x4 lcds. I'd like to share those pcp files and photos but don't know which forum area would be best for it's purpose. Any ideas?
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    Waterflow metering

    Hi again! I'm using waterflow meter like: I have made a code for that and I can measure water consumption. When testing 1,5 l amount of water the lcd shows exatly 1.5l. Problem is that when passing water fast...
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    write and read from eeprom problem

    Hi again! I have planned a program where I need to set different numbers to lcd screen like: 32,45 Each number can get value from 0 to 9. number 3 is stored to b1, 2 to b2, 4 to b4 and 5 to b4 At end of the program I have a code: write b6, b1 write b7, b2 write b8, b3 write b9, b4 and at...
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    max and min values

    irin [400,main], C.2, b0 if b0 = 18 then inc b5 elseif b0 = 19 then dec b5 end if I want that b5 will never grow bigger than 9 and smaller than 0 I tried different kind of let b5 = max 9 codes but didn't get it workin I'd like to use max/min commands because if b5 = 10 then let b5 = 9 etc...
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    Lcd cursor

    Hello again! I have recently purchased this kind of oled screen I am planning a sofware where different kind of parameters are being changed by using ir remotecontroller like...
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    Blank Pic programming

    Sometimes I have dreamed of an idea to start programming pic microcontrollers with c language. If I remember right there was a possibility to clear picaxe chip's hardware memory in Axepad. After that chip can't be programmed using Picaxe basic. question is: Is it possible to program...
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    Axepad Linux problem!

    Hi There! This is my first post here and I suppose that it will help some hobbyist in future. I got different kind of errors when using Ubuntu like: error: can't open port/dev, error 13:permission denied...etc. I solved this problem by opening file manager as a super user(sudo nautilus) and...