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    Talking Guess the Number game

    I've been working on playing audio stored on a Winbond W25Q80 flash memory chip. The results have been pretty good so I wrote a simple and silly guess the number game to demonstrate it. Here's a youtube clip. The chip has one meg or 1048576 bytes of memory and can...
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    Using C.0 (Serial out) on 08M2 as input

    I would like some feedback on this method of using C.0 (serial out) as an input . It works by connecting the DAC to the output pin, but not enabling the DAC . The pin is connected to VSOURCE+ through all the resistors in the resistor ladder by setting DACLPS = 1 and DACLEVEL to 0 . The bottom...
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    Tic-Tac-Toe Robot With 08M

    I built a robot that plays a perfect game of tic-tac-toe or naughts and crosses . Here is a link to the video . It uses an algorithm from an article in the 1971 issue of Radio Electronics by Don Lancaster called Tic-Tac-Tronix . The catch is the computer always...
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    Towers of Hanoi with 08M

    This is my first project with the Picaxe . It uses an 08M to solve the 'Towers of Hanoi Puzzle' . The construction uses 2 servos taped together with double sided tape for elevation and rotation . The gripper is made from a mini servo driving 2 identical gears . Power is 4 AA batteries driving...