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    IRIN with a Samsung remote

    I would like to use a Samsung remote in a project. I'm assuming that Samsung uses the NEC protocol, but I'm not sure... Has anyone implemented a routine (similar to IRIN) to read NEC codes ? On a 08M2 ? Code doesn't need to run in background as program can wait for any command to be received...
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    Using PWMOUT @ 20MHz

    Hi all I'm using a 28X1 with an external 20Mhz oscillator. I want to generate a PWMOUT output the closest to 16Khz. However, the wizard doesn't support 20MHz and I can't understand the explanation given on the manual for calculating the period for PWMOUT... Can anyone explain it in more...
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    How to set a TO interrupt ?

    i want to set a timer overflow interrupt for a few mS in the future. What should be the correct / best order for the folowing instructions: Let timer = 65535 Settimer XXX Setintflags 10000000, 10000000 My concern is which of those instruction sets the time "running" ? From where do the X mS...
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    PULSOUT stops execution ?

    Simple - and probably silly - question: during a PULSOUT, the picaxe stops execution until the pulse "runs out" ?
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    Is there a Picaxe with a reasonable resolution DAC ?

    By reasonable, I mean at least 8bits... I think I'll have to resort to an external DAC, but just to be sure.
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    Question about hardware interrupt handling

    On a 40X2, inside the interrupt processing routine, should I clear the interrupt flags right at the beginning ? In this case: setintflags off hint0flag = 0 hintflag = 0 And at the end of the routine, should I end with ? hintsetup %00000001 setintflags %00000001, %00000001
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    Controller for a warm-up regulator on a Bosch K-Jetronic fuel injection

    A few weeks ago I finished this little project. Actually quite simple but very useful as it allows you to cheaply replace an expensive worn part, while giving you much more adjustment flexibility. Contact me if you want...
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    Inline assembly ?

    Silly question... Is there any way to insert inline assembly in the middle of basic ?
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    Anything particular with B.0 on a 40X2 ?

    I'm trying to detect an on/off switch on pin B.0 using the following code: init: input B.0 main: if pinB.0 = 0 then sertxd("L",13,10) else sertxd("H",13,10) endif pause 300 goto main end I have B.0 grounded with a 1K resistor. The switch closes the circuit from B.0 to 5V, through a 1K...
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    Servicing hardware interrupts in a 40X2

    I didn't find the manual completely clear on the servicing of hardware interrupts (INT0, 1, 2)... There's some talk about clearing the int flags inside the interrupt routine, but what flags exactly ? And must the interrupts be enabled again before returning ?
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    Reading a thermistor - optimal range

    In my current project i have to read the value of a thermistor. Cold it has a resistance of about 100ohm, fully warm gets to 50ohm. If i use the recommended circuit from manual 3, i use a 10k resistor connected to ground in series with the thermistor. However, this gives a rather limited range...
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    Heat sinking an IRL520 Mosfet

    The board I'm building contains 3 IRL520's Mosfet, which I intend to heatsink. However, the heatsink tab appears to be electrically connect to the Drain pin... How do I safely attach a heatsink (an aluminium strip) ? I can insert somethink to isolate it, but how to prevent the fixing screw and...
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    i2c tutorial document

    I looked around the site for a "i2c tutorial" document that I know existed, but couldn't find it... any ideas ? Thanks
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    Using hsersetup in automatic background mode

    If using the hardware serialin in automatic mode, I suppose there's no way to restrict the amount of scratchpad area used ? Part of those 128 bytes (20X2) could be useful somewhere else...
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    Confusion regarding variable storage

    Going over the manual again regarding storage for a 20X2, I got a bit confused: - the 256 general purpose variables share the same space as the "named" variables b01,b1,b2,... (or w0,w1,...) ? So after b56, you should start using the indirect method of addressing (@bptr) from there until 255...
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    Understanding the SR latch

    I just recently came across the SRlatch / srreset / srset instructions and I'm wondering if they can be used for the following purpose: - based on some event, a pin is set high with the provision to be turned off automatically after X milliseconds. Can the SRlatch instructions accomplish this...
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    Possible bug ?

    Inside PE6, I simulated running the following piece of code for a 20X2. While performing the IF, both the first and last sections of code were executed... It should have been only the first one. "" symbol IX_BIN_SIZE = 15 ' size of each vector symbol IX_MAP_X = 12 symbol IX_TOP = 121...
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    Breakpoints in PE6 ?

    Is it possible to set breakpoints in PE 6 ? I found a way to clear them but not to set them... version is (beta)
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    Optional download of data to EEPROM ?

    I seem to recall reading about a way to conditionally download (or not) data to the Picaxe EEPROM. I'm talking about loading or not the data in the data / eeprom statements. Is there such a way ?
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    problem using @hserptr

    On a 20X2, I have these lines: let hserptr = 0 let CMD = @hserptr But I get a syntax error on @hserptr... why ? PS - CMD is a byte var