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    how to set digital input in the simulator

    Simple test code to try and understand how to set a digital input. If I click on the values tab in the simulation panel and then set pin C.3 to 255 I would expect the IF statement to be executed but it doesnt. If I hover over the pinC.3 statement it shows its value to be 0 regardless of what I...
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    Upgrading the FET's on the 18m2 High Power Board (CHI035)

    I meant to upload this yesterday, I have had this CHI035 board for a few years now, but these are the original FETs.
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    help with boost converter

    I am attempting to use the pwm output of a 20M2 to construct a simple voltage booster but have been unsuccessful in getting it working properly and was hoping that some of you might be able to point me towards the solution. Basically my problem is that I cant get it to boost to my desired...
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    One transistor-noninverting bidirectional level shifter

    I just came across this neat little idea and thought I would share it. It is discussed in detail in a phillips Application note AN97055 Using a single low VGS N channel FET and 2 resistors can provide bidirectional level shifted signalling...
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    picxaxe 08m2 and ESP8266 comms errors

    I have an 08m2 connected to an ESP-01 and a DS18B20 setup on a breadboard pretty much as per the attached diagram. The program works to upload the data to the thingspeak website, but I am unable to use the confirmation code "serin........" because the picaxe just doesnt seem to be able to read...
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    433MHz for beginners

    I've noted with interest the recent posts about cheap 433MHz transceivers and am interested in getting involved, mostly because of a recent acquisition of a solar/electricity power meter and an interest in capturing the data from my weather station. However, upon little bit of research I...
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    18m2 memory read/write problem

    I was making a simple little datalogger for another project by using an 18m2 in a chi035 project board to read 3 ADC channels, save them to memory and then print them out to the terminal. For reasons beyond me, I cannot get this to work correctly. If I read the ADC channels and immediately...
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    Can someone tell me where I went wrong

    How about a simple resistor ladder as shown. I represented the hall switches as simple pushbuttons to earth. Even with the resistors all being the same value you would get voltage levels that should be reasonably easy to discriminate via the ADC. Assuming All resistors are equal and Vcc=5v Sw1...
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    RIP: Hans Camenzind, Inventor Of The 555 Timer
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    Isolating transducers from the PICAXE

    I think it was overcurrent melted the sensor and in the process connected the 12v from the measured circuit onto the 5v sensor supply. The circuit monitors my camper battery charge and drain and had been operating successfully for some months and was not being fiddled with in any way. I was...
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    Isolating transducers from the PICAXE

    Having just destroyed my LCD display because of a meltdown in my external current sensor, I am looking for ways to fully isolate the sensor from the rest of the circuit. The problem was caused by the sensor sending 12v onto the 5v feed line which is of course the same 5v that feeds the PICAXE...
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    linearity problem with the ADC on a 20x2 chip

    I have a linearity problem with the ADC on a 20x2 chip. The basic test circuit is shown below and consists of a 10K 25turn trimpot connected between V+ and ground, and the wiper connected to the adc pin via either a 100ohm or 5k6 resistor. I am monitoring the output of the ADCs at a set range...
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    1_Wire RTC problems DS1994

    This is driving me crazy, I've spent hours on it and cant figure out whats wrong. I have simplified the program to just focus on what the problem is and inserted it below (I think?). I have also copied in the circuit and the output from the program. This section of the program is to write the...
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    SERRXD problem

    I have tried a couple of options to get this working properly but still have issues. First attempt worked in simulator but skipped several inputs on the chip. eg I typed in the value 11 and the next few lines would execute down to Hours. I assumed this meant it was a keybounce response (somehow...
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    Is there a directive to indicate PE simulation

    Is there a directive or 'debug' action that would only invoke code when running in the simulator. The reason is for i/o operations that cant be simulated (can they?) I could insert code or values to simulate an input while testing the program. eg Actual code: OWIN...
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    Serial output window auto cr,lf

    When I use SERTXD to send output to the screen 1 character at a time the PE seems to put a CR,LF after each character. When I run the program on the picaxe chip it works correctly. Also, is there any way to turn off the baud rate messages that constantly show when in simulation mode. (picture...