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    Blockly Goto, Gosub or Jump

    Is there a way to use a Goto or Gosub or jump to a label in Blockly such as If A=45 Goto Label. I can see that it could be done by using the Procedure function but I am teaching 8 years olds and looking for a simple way to jump somewhere within a program without having to use a Function. If...
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    Using AND & OR in Blockly

    Is there a simple way to use AND or OR in Blockly. I am trying find a simple way using Blockly of writing: If A>10 AND B>10 THEN (such as starting the motors and making them go forward) I appreciate that I could do it in Basic and add it into the program but I am trying to show Blockly to some...
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    Errors starting VSM for PICAXE

    I have used VSM on my laptop for a long time but recently, Windoze 7 which it's been running on without problems until recently, threw a wobbly and now when I try to start VSM, I get the following error messages. SYMBOL"$MKRORIGIN" used but not found, i click OK and get about another 20 of...