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    Need help with IP add-on for Picaxe project boards!!!!

    I have managed to have stuff 4 18M2 chips so far.... NOT HAPPY. with (what I thought) would be a simple IR Debug Test, nothing big. I have tried to do it on both the CH030B board and the CH035A High Powered board, same thing. I am only running 4.5V (3xAA) that's it. The smaller IR dongle work...
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    Project running Motor Drive board and servo board. How? I2C I think?

    I've got a new project I'm trying to do, a 4 wheeled chaise with a 6 servo arm and grip controlled by IR. My pre thought was the drive the wheels with the CHI035A High Powered Project Board and have the IR input through this board, and then run the servos with the SD21 servo board. but how do I...