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    cnc line algorithm on a 20X2

    I'm trying to port this FreeBASIC code to a PICAXE 20X2. I'm having some problems, mostly floating point numbers and working around them. The FreeBASIC post: p.s I'm Turd on the FB forum...
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    Verification error?

    Has anyone else had this happen to them? I'm trying out a new USB to serial cable and it does seem to work. I'm pretty sure I have everything hooked up right. I'll take some pictures tomorrow after work if you need to see it. Thank you.
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    Has anyone tried this with PICAXE chips? Could it work? It looks really nice!
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    Wireless. Easy to use?

    They're selling these Transmitters and Receivers at HVW now. I've never used any wireless stuff before, how easy are they to use?
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    Analog data logger

    Heres an analog data logger program that I'm working on. It's not finished and still needs a lot of work. It uses FreeBASIC and a PICAXE 08M to read three analog voltages and then sends them to my pc through the serial port. Video FB code: dim as integer x, y, buttons, i, ii, ra1, ra2, rb1...
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    An almost useless program

    Heres a useless little program that I made to make it a bit easier to use the PICAXE chips in Linux :) Video It's written in FreeBASIC dim as integer i, x, y, buttons dim shared chip as string dim as string s, usb, fname dim text(15) as string declare sub black screenres 387,300 draw...
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    Ubuntu Linux and PICAXE video

    Heres a video I made showing how to get started :)
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    NES controller?

    Has anyone used a NES controller with a PICAXE before? By the looks of this page, it would seem easy to do.
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    Multiplexing with a 4017

    Heres an idea for driving 10 seven segment displays or 80 LEDs with a 4017 and a PICAXE 18X. It uses the the serial output pin to clock the 4017 which drives the vertical LED columns while the 8 outputs on the PICAXE drive the horizontal LED rows. Q1 and the diodes are there to turn off the LEDs...
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    3 digit number on 1 seven seg. display

    This idea probable isn't original, but what ever. I was trying to think of a way to drive three seven seg. displays with a 18x. I thought of multiplexing them but my head started to hurt lol Then I had the idea of showing one digit at a time on a signal display. Heres a video. :) eric
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    18x inputs to outputs?

    In this tread there's talk of turning outputs to inputs, what I was wondering is, is it possible to turn an input into an output? eric
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    Cordless phone LCD puzzle

    I want to use those nice little LCDs (3x16) that come in cordless phones in my PICAXE projects but I can't find a data sheet, so I made a crappy program to record the data on 4 of the 8 pins of the LCD. The 4 that I believe are the I/O pins. The others I think have to do with the power...
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    Sending Numbers Through The Terminal

    How do you send numbers out through terminal program? It just sends the ASCII out. Thanks :-) eric
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    Has anyone used an 25LC640 EEPROM? And here is a PDF data sheet: eric
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    I'm trying to interface a PICAXE to PC useing qbasic. The problem is I'm an idiot :( Can someone help me, please :) eric
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    IR data transfer

    Hi, This has probably been done before, but I'll show you anyway. The transmitter in the test circuit is an PICAXE08M. Connected to input 3 is a switch that pulls the input high when closed and a 4.7k resistor connected to ground. Output 2 goes through a 1k resistor to a NPN transistor whitch...
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    frequency counter. need help.

    Hi, I need some help, I'm trying to make a frequency counter. My test circuit is a 1Mhz crystal being divided by 4096, by a CD4040BE 12-stage ripple-carry binary counter/divider, whitch then goes to input 0 on my 18X PICAXE chip. Here is my test code: main: count 0,1000,w1 w3 = w1 ** 4096 w2...