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    eeprom endurance

    An old subject I know, without much in the way of definitive conclusion other than to rely only upon the Microchip data. So how to avoid exceeding the internal eeprom stated minimum endurance? I have a project which uses a 20M2 to control a sequence of events (a cycle). I count every cycle and...
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    Restarting a Program

    In order to jump back to the start of a program following an interrupt I have used the reset command. My question: does ‘reset’ clear any data l’ve put in the eeprom using a ‘write’ command?
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    Interrupt and Return problem

    My project has a stop button which invokes an interrupt sub-routine (turn off all the outputs, bleep a buzzer twice). At the end of that sub-routine I know that I have to put a RETURN command but the problem is that I want the program to return to the first line not the next line due to be...
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    stop, end, doze, sleep, nap....which ones disable the interrupt function?

    Not clear from the Picaxe manuals, does anybody out there have a definitive guide please?
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    Use an interrupt to prompt SERIN

    I'm a bit stuck on this one and would appreciate any help the forum can give me please: I have two Picaxes communicating via SEROUT and SERIN commands, hardwired together. The SEROUT on chip A is prompted by an interrupt (a 'GO' switch) and this works just fine. What I'm struggling with is...
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    Most reliable communication method

    Hi Forum, I have a commercial project which will use two Picaxe's, one in the control module and the other in a handset 5 metres away. For reliability which communication protocol would be best, serial TTL, I2C or SPI ? The interconnection cable is not yet specified so it could be shielded and...