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  1. JimPerry

    Best starter pack?

    My 40+ son has asked for an electronics kit that he plugs things into and it "just works" any suggestions? :)
  2. JimPerry

    Cheap as chips axe901 £1.20 each - programmable 8M2 PICAXE-08 with socket etc - don't know what I'll do with them .. bought 10 anyway
  3. JimPerry

    Error on forum site

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  4. JimPerry

    Picaxe powered Mooftronic code

    The latest edition of Make has a reference to an old project using a Picaxe 8M - but all of the links are dead at Makezine - anyone here have the code? :confused:
  5. JimPerry

    New Picaxe articles :cool:
  6. JimPerry

    Average age?

    I'm 63 - anyone tried to find average age? :confused:
  7. JimPerry

    New BBC micro and Picaxe?

    The register comments at are interesting - will it knock a big hole in RevEd's market :confused:
  8. JimPerry

    OT Entry level job in Sydney area

    An old work mate of mine is looking for some one - he runs a technical documentation business called Hard Copy :confused:
  9. JimPerry

    No posts for 11 hours?

    Web site seems to be working - but no posts for 11 hours (now 21:30 ish Friday night) :confused:
  10. JimPerry

    Forum performance issues?

    The forum was down for a while last week - but I have been getting a lot of "Waiting for Active .." messages recentlty - is it just my system or is anyone else getting the same problem? :confused: PS: Win7 pro 64-bit 16GB Dual twin core CPUs IE 10
  11. JimPerry

    OT: Calling ALL Old Farts?

    What is the average age of Picaxe poster? I'm 62 and have met a 79+ Picaxer locally. Is it just me - buying tons of "stuff" and then forgetting why? :confused:
  12. JimPerry

    Attachment.php - all listings ...

    Has the forum software changed? All program listings now seem to save as Attachment.php. Using Windows 7 pro 64bit. Is it only me? :confused:
  13. JimPerry

    OT: Any contacts in Tonga?

    Any Picaxe/contacts in Tonga? I need to send T$ 50 to the government from UK and the main banks say no! :confused: PM me if you can help. Thanks
  14. JimPerry

    French Forum captions

    Why am I getting "Ouvrir une nouvelle discussion" etc in the main English Forum :confused:
  15. JimPerry

    Keeping a LiON mobile phone charged in GSM alarm

    First the background: I have a caravan in Scotland that just got broken into ... OK installing an alarm is no problem (was doing it 40+ years ago). The caravan site stopped having security on Sunday evenings - when the break in happened. So as well as loud noises and flashing strobe I need a...
  16. JimPerry

    OT? Basic component book - free

    Might be useful for newcomers? :confused:
  17. JimPerry

    OT? First Dumb Mistake of the Year

    Just soldered up a small stripboard for a 556 circuit - then noticed that I had used a 16-pin DIL socket :mad:
  18. JimPerry

    OT: Free to good home - 32-QFN TLC5940 PWM LED Driiver

    Does what it says on the tin - too small for me to deal with PM if you can use it :cool:
  19. JimPerry

    Members Private Message space limit

    Seems a trifle low - mine got exceeded with 50 messages - one image is more than 50 text files :rolleyes:
  20. JimPerry

    Eyebrow Pic -project can anyone Picaxe it? looks like it was done on the equivalent of an 08M2 :cool: