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    KEYPAD Programming using Flowchart in PIC Micros

    Hi guys , I'm trying to program a KEYPAD using a PICAXE 20M IC and Project board. I have seen elsewhere in manuals and on this website various basic codes to do the programming but wonder if anyone would have a FlowChart file that they could send me, or even just advice on how to use PIC MIcros...
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    Electronic Dice Program

    Hi Guys, I am trying to program my electronic dice that I bought from
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    Input and Output problems on PICAXE18

    I've built the Basic 18Pin Picaxe Download PCB from the PICAXE Website. The PCB layout shows 5 Inputs and 8 Outputs. If using a PTM switch as inputs to I simply put one in, or do I need a Pull up/down resistor for each switch? Also, on the outputs, I can't seem to get a simple LED to work? (is...
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    I'm having major problems downloading to the PICAXE 18 IC using the circuit as provided on the Would anyone have any tips? I have all the correct components values and the circuit looks identical to that in the website. My PICAXE-08 circuit...
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    Can someone please advise me? Using the PCB layout for the PICAXE-18 PCB as provided on the PICAXE website ( Will the output current from the Darlington Driver IC (ULN2803A) be enough to drive a motor? it possible to use this...