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    PicAxe to PicAxe communication via PWM/ADC

    Just floating a wild thought here. Have been looking at an application where I needed to pass data between chips and had limited inputs in the second chip but want to be able to pass a number of different 'states' or 'commands' to the second chip. Had the brainstorm that if one varied a pwmout...
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    PicAXE Univeral Programmer

    This is a board to enable the standard download cable and programming editor to program all chip sizes. Have developed a circuit and DipTrace PCB layout for a programming board which accepts all PicAxe Chips and has a simple moveable plug to select the approriate chip size to program. Have it...
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    Technical - programmer Installation issues

    Recently upgraded to 5.1.3 (from 5.1.1) Am working on a program for the 28x1 and found I was unable to use variables above b13. After much checking I finally went to the Windows' Add Remove programs and found around six installations of the programming editor there (Presumably all the earlier...
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    Software instalation - Note for Technical

    Moved to Software installation Forum Edited by - B C Jones on 24/06/2007 07:02:57
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    Symbol - conditional assignment

    Am developing a circuit (28x1) in which there is a 'calibration process' and a number of resulting values stored. As the number of items can vary (4, 5 or 6 items) depending on the the physical conditions when calibrating, the values 5 and/or 6 are stored as 1 when they are not calibrated...
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    Programming Editor - Fonts

    The coding in the Editor (v4 thru to 5.0.7 always displays on screen in a small italic font regardless of any settings applied through the options. Code saved to .bas is in a normal size non-italic font. Is there a way to obtain normal (non-italic fonts and to change the size of these in the...
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    18X 9 outputs

    Documentation indicates the 18X part has 9 outputs. I am looking for 9 digital outputs but can only see 8 How do i get to use the 9th? Thanks