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    14M2 - "SOUND" no working

    Hello All, I haven't posted in a long time and usually don't unless I'm having a PICAXE problem... and so I'm here today. :-( (searched the forums last night and this morning, couldn't find anything helpful) Making yet another very simple Morse code project with some 14M2's that were laying...
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    PE5 - #Slot not working 14M2

    Yep, still using PE5 without any issue until today. I've previously used #slot with PE5 and the 28X2 in the past without any problems. Today, I tried to use #slot with the 14M2 (firmware 6.A) which I'm under the impression has 2 slots, slot 0 and slot 1 but please correct me if I'm wrong. If the...
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    SOUND duation

    SOUND duration Hello All, Reading through the manual I notice that SOUND has a "duration" of approximately 10mS at 4Mhz. Is it possible to have a duration of 1mS. Can a SFR be "Poked" to force the Sound to use a 1mS duration? I am currently running my 28X2 chip project at 16Mhz which I believe...
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    ADC Scaling issue

    Hello All, I have a bit of a scaling problem. I am sure it's not that hard. I searched the forums last night for "scaling" and read about 15 pages of search results until midnight last night and toyed around with it a bit more today, but no luck. Possibly some of the math guru's can help...
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    LCD Question

    Just curious if anyone has any experience with a 2 x 16, blue, backlit LCD made by TinSharp. Say it has a SPLC780 D1 controller in it. (is it a non standard controller???) I was given a few of these (new old stock) a couple years ago and thought I'd use one yesterday. I can't seem to get it to...
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    Loading up the Scratchpad

    Hello All, What I would basically like to do (i think) is preload all PICAXE 28X2 scratchpad (1024) memory byte locations with numbers between 2 - 30. (skips a couple numbers) I'm trying to preload the 100 most commonly used words in the English language. I think I need to write (PUT? PEEK?)...
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    The proper distribution of letters in spoken English???

    Hello All, Here's the story... I have a Morse Code program on a 28X2 that turns out random letters in groups of 5 for practice. But what my fellow radio compadres and I have noticed is there is a small issue with something like.... Random w4 b10 = w4 // 26 + 1 ' (random numbers 1-26 are...
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    2 X 16 LCD Plastic Bezel

    Hello All, I'm wondering if anyone knows were I can purchase a plastic 2 x 16 LCD Bezel in Australia? Preferably black plastic. (to hide my imperfections when I cut the aluminium chassis) "HamRadioAddict"
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    AXE401 and 100K resistor

    Hello All, Just received my AXE401 project board from a local supplier here in Australia. Looks really awesome! Looking at the AXE401 manual tonight, I noticed there is a 100K resistor from RXD, physical pin #6 to earth. I've not seen this or used this in any projects I've built. Is this to...
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    11 Resistor voltage devider

    Hello All, I have a voltage divider consisting of 11) 1K 1/2 watt resistors across a regulated 5 VDC source which will give me 10 different analog voltages. The 10 different voltages will connect to a single pole - 10 position switch which will then go to a one of the ADC pins on my 14M2...
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    IF Then help?

    Hello All, Possibly someone can help me rid my program of zillions of "If Then" statements. I have 8) 5 volt relays (via 2N7000's) connected to output pins B.0 - B.7 on my PICAXE 18M2 chip. I capture DTMF tones (from a key pad ) in byte b0. This is a number between 1 and 8, to determine which...
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    PCB copper pads

    Hello All, I have been etching out some PCB's for my next PICAXE project and thought I'd make some of the copper pads square in shape to signify those components that are polarity sensitive such diodes, electrolytic etc. etc. Question, on professionally manufactured boards, is the square pad...
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    40x4 LCD to PICAXE 40X2 interfacing question

    Hello All, I have acquired a 40x4 back lit LCD display from a decommissioned piece of equipment. I really don’t need to haul yet another old piece of gear home but for some reason I felt compelled to. At some point in the very near future I would like to interface it to one of my spare PICAXE...
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    A PICAXE powered Electric Bike

    A PICAXE powered E-Bike. It uses a PICAXE-08M and a hall effect throttle. The throttle I am not a fan of but in my frugal nature they are cheap. Seems they only convince the PICAXE to generate an ADC value somewhere roughly between 15 and 900. Seems to me that a potentiometer type throttle may...
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    AutoTrax EDA vs. AutoTrax DX ???

    Hello all, Has anyone on the PICAXE board tried both the AutoTraX EDA version and the newer AutoTraX DX version? I'm curious to know what the differences are. I personally have tried neither. In an email I received recently (today) says the new "DX" version is a massive improvement over the...
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    Robot question

    Hello PICsters, This Christmas my young bloke received a small robot called an "Escape" from who else, but Santa Claus. It comes in kit form here in Australia and seems to be well documented. However, the kit appears to use a "once only"(?) preprogrammed 78P156ELP 18 pin chip manufactured by a...
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    A great forum idea!

    While reading through the forum tonight I came across a post by senior member "212". The signature at the end of 212's post was this: Project Type: (hobby): PICAXE experience level (a bit): General Electronics experience level (a bit): The type of PICAXE chip you are using (08M): Type of board...
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    The software program..... "FreePCB"

    Has anyone here tried, or is currently using the PCB software program titled "FreePCB" for his or her PICAXE projects? If so, I’m curious to know what you think of it. Comments anyone??? "Hammy"
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    PICAXE-18X vs. Lightning

    9-AUG-08 Sub tropics – Outback Australia. I was notified at 7:30pm at night that the transmitter at our local Amateur Radio repeater was stuck on. This was after our first fears lightning storm of the year went through earlier in the day around lunchtime. I went to the repeater site and...
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    Pin Filtering or Noise Filtering?

    Hello All, What can anyone tell me about filtering as describe below. Or is this not filtering? Here is the scenario. I have a receiving radio and a transmitting radio. When the receiving radio receives a strong enough signal, the squelch “opens” and someone’s voice comes out of the speaker...