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    User-Programmable Timer

    I did this project to control a water heater. It has two schedules with two timing phases in each. A weekday schedule and weekend schedule can be programmed. The schedules are programmable by the end-user. The code can be altered to provide for individual schedules for each day of the week or...
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    add variables together?

    Is it possible to do this? if b0 equals 5 and b1 equals 4, is there a way to put them together and put 54 into one variable?
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    Im tinkering with i2c. I wrote a small program just for testing. It reads adc0 and stores its value in b0, then stores b0 at b1 on my i2cslave(24LC16B). I then try to use readi2c to read the value from the eeprom and display it on my lcd readout. main: readadc 0,b0 i2cslave %10100000, i2cslow...
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    Shift decimal in variable?

    Im reading voltage from a small solar panel. VOC is 25.6V. Im using a voltage divider to get it down to 5v. With a 10K on top and 2.4K on bottom, I get 4.95xxxV(close enough for my purposes). Because of my highest voltage being 25.6 my adc values are exact multiples of the actual voltages by...
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    The ADC Keypad

    Hello gents Some of you had been following the progress of the 'one input keypad'. Im here to say weve come to a great working solution. The circuit is so easy to build and adapt to different numbers of switches. The code, well the code is ridiculously easy. <A...
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    Can I compare a scratchpad location to a byte?

    Is it possible to comapare a scratchpad location to a value? IE i want to see if scratchpad location 10 is equal to b3 if @ptr=b3 This possible? Nevermind, I figured it out. Edited by - Jon Henry on 16/08/2007 07:19:16
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    Correct use of write command?

    IM trying to change 4 numbers in my eeprom on a 40x1. The app is to change a pin number. I save the numbers 1,2,3,4 initially using the EEPROM 90,(1,2,3,4) instruction then go into the main loop. When its time to change it, I use this: write b3,90 write b4,91 write b5,92 write b6,93 The...
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    One input keypad?

    I got this idea from a post I had come across on this forum. I wasnt able to find the post again in the archives, neither was I able to find anything about anyone pursuing the concept. I decided to give it a whirl and this is what Ive come up with so far. I am...
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    debug and functionality problem

    When I download my program to a 40x1 without a debug command, it does not work. If I out a debug command in it anywhere, it works perfectly. Can anyone explain this. Also, when working with the programming editor, after 2-3 downloads it stops connecting to the picaxe. I have to restart the...
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    displaying data on LCD

    Hi, Im fairly new to the picaxe and the programming world in general. Ive been tinkering around with a 14M and have run in to a minor problem I cant see to get a leg over. I d appreciate any help. I wrote a very simple little program, counts # of pulses over 5 sec and display the PPM and COUNT...