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    operating a plastic model of a Atlas 5ton crane by a 2.4GHz radio control set

    This circuit made on through hole stripboard houses 2 picaxe 18M2 controlling 4 L293D driving linear motors, steppers and a mini servo. More details are on each of the two programs attached along with a pdf the block diagram and circuit diagram. I have yet to finally finish, paint and semi-fit...
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    radio control set to operate model boat propellers 08M2

    This post shows the final but not exactly as I wanted program to control the speed of a 12v 12 pole motor connected to a model tug boats propeller using a 2.4Ghz transmitter and receiver. I thought someone may have come up with a better program than mine. I wanted to move the joystick upwards...
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    picaxe 08M2 reads 2.4ghz r.c. transmitter/receiver to control model tug LEDs

    Hi all This is my first post and I thought I'd send this fairly straight forward program. This reads the radio control from pretty much any make of transmitter, in this case it's a Planet T5. The receiver outputs 1 to 2mS pulses every 20mS (at about 4 volts) with 1.5mS being the centre...
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    CHI030 revb circuit diagram

    Hi Picaxe team I have bought some CHI030 rev b circuit boards and are a bit different to rev a could you please advise me as how to download the new circuit diagram to reflect CHI030B. many thanks.