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    picaxe with 3x4 matrix keypad

    Is it at all possible to use this keypad with a picaxe like the 18x or 28x1? I have seen Hippy's 20X2 thread but I'd like to use a chip I already have.
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    human pulse / heartbeat sensor

    Hi. I remember seeing a thread quite a while ago about how to make a sensor to detect a heartbeat. I've search the forums but come up emtpy. Can someone else find it? Or does anyone know how to get a PICAXE to read a human pulse? I vaguely recall something about detecting red LED light through...
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    AXE117 PCB errors

    Has anyone else noticed the mistakes on the AXE117 Project board (with the 14M and ULN2003 driver)? A student of mine brought one to me for checking because their circuit wasn't working and I see that it has been designed incorrectly. The 0V and V+ tracks are joined together in some places and...
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    Car interior light

    I'm replacing my interior light with LEDs and I want to make them fade out when the door closes, but I'm having some trouble with connecting my 08M to the existing car wiring. My interior light has 3 wires: +12V, GND, and Door (Door open = 0V, Door closed = +12V). I also want to retain all...
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    Program mode switching

    Is there an easy way to continuously monitor a single input and jump to a different section of code and stay there? I understand the interrupt subroutine, but that is the problem: it's a subroutine and when it finishes it jumps back to where it was before the interrupt occurred. I don't want...
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    Picaxe IR audio transmission?

    Hey Is the trusty picaxe capable of reading an audio channel and transmitting it through infrared (obviously at a low bit rate)? I haven't thought about getting the sound out the other end yet, any ideas? I might just go and buy one of the premade headphones, but that really takes the fun out...
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    08M controlling a single servo problem

    Hi I am looking for any ideas about why my 08M is giving me the wrong outputs. I want the 08M to respond to a 2 bit input (connected to pins 3 and 4) and output a corresponding servo command. The problem is that the first command in the loop doesn't work. I have re-arranged the code a number...
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    28x1 all 4 hpwm independent?

    Hi Are all of the hpwm outputs independently operable? or are they paired together? I need to control 4 separate motors. Thanks Mike
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    Interrupt using ADC and pin0

    Hi I'm looking to generate an interrupt when either pin0 goes high or the readADC value goes above 50. I can't use an if because I have a pause line which refreshes an LCD display every second. But I need the interrupt to occur immediately when it happens (obviously). Any help would be great...