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  1. rq3

    Code structure - loop or goto

    Is there any particular benefit in terms of code size or execution speed between: Main: Do Stuff goto main and Main: do Do Stuff loop Just curious. I know goto's are anathema to some.
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    Piezo Sensors

    I've borrowed some technology from the auto industry, which uses piezoelectric sensors to determine if an engine is "knocking", or "pinging", so as to adjust the ignition timing to avoid this potentially damaging condition. My application was to use a common piezo disc to detect the contact of...
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    More ADC questions and output questions

    I trust someone smarter than me can help. I am deep into the A/D converter capabilities of the 8M2 Picaxe, and am very confused by the Microchip 12F1840 data sheet. I have written, and successfully used, Picaxe code using the internal 1.024 volt reference for the ADC function. I believe it...
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    ADC quirks

    I've been playing with the 20M2 ADC functions, and think I can confirm that the selection of an internal reference (whether 1.024, 2.048, or 4.096 volts) does NOT need to be re-invoked after making a readadc or readadc10 measurement, nor does any other ADC configuration or setup. This is...
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    Internal 1.024 volt reference

    The manual says that this is not available as an internal ADC reference, but it certainly appears to work., at least on a 20M2. Is the manual in error, or is there a hidden "gotcha"?
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    Fastest possible ADC response?

    First, Happy New Year to all, and I trust everyone is staying sane and in good health! I have a 3D printer, which uses a microswitch to physically probe the printer bed location. The microswitch gets fed +5 volts (approximately, it's actually about 4.2 volts) through a 4.7K pullup from the...
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    Editor 6 on Windows 10

    For a totally different device, I was recently forced to purchase a Dell laptop running Windows 10 (I generally run XP on a 20 year old laptop, or Unix on an HP server). After spending several days stripping out the bloat code that came with the new machine, reloading Windows, and getting...
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    Tech question regarding download cable

    Is there a reason the standard USB to stereo plug download cable (AXE027?) has the sleeve of the stereo plug connected to an active signal, rather than circuit ground (as is "normal")? Typically, that plug (sleeve, tip, ring), would be wired so that the sleeve is circuit ground, with tip and...
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    Bit Banged Servo drive from the 20M2 A.0 pin

    I have an existing board with a surface mount Picaxe20M2, which I wanted to "re-purpose" to control some remote controlled tweezers. Because the I/O of the existing board is physically limited, I use the "serout" pin (A.0) as the servo data port. My initial attempt using "servo" and "servopos"...
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    PE6 Suggestion

    I also posted this in the main forum, but it probably belongs here: I spent the afternoon playing with the workspace editor functions of PE6. It took a bit to get used to, but I like it. One function that I would love to see...
  11. rq3

    PE6 suggestion

    I spent the afternoon playing with the workspace editor functions of PE6. It took a bit to get used to, but I like it. One function that I would love to see is the ability to add ANY file to the workspace (not just a compatable file) and the ability to link the executable used to create/open...
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    s_w0-7 words

    On the 20M2, which bytes are associated with words s_w0 through s_w7? I can't find this anywhere!
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    Understanding max min

    I don't think this does what I intend it to do (limit s_w3 to values between 0 and 995, without "rolling over): s_w3=1023-s_w3 max 995 min 0 What should this look like? Thanks, Rip
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    DS18B20 Heads Up

    Last year I built a controller for my fridge/freezer based on a Picaxe 20M2 and three DS18B20 temp sensors. It's been working great BUT: One of the sensors monitors the temp of the fridge evaporator, so it is exposed to below freezing temps, and then thaws to above freezing temps (to ensure...
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    PE Version

    I have installed the latest editor, and used it to program several devices with all code that I have written in the past. No issues so far.
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    DS18B20 Failure

    Basically just a heads up. Appliances always seem to fail when one is on vacation. Sure enough, on my return from the Caribbean yesterday, the fridge was a bit warmer than usual. One of the three picaxe controlled DS18B20 temperature sensors on my controller board had failed! No apparent reason...
  17. rq3

    OLED display and DS18B20

    Having a few spare temp sensors from my fridge project, I soldered one onto the C.0 input of my AXE133Y OLED display. I have code (thanks Marks!) that happily outputs degrees F to the editor serial terminal, but can't wrap my head around getting it to display on the OLED. Any help appreciated!
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    DS18B20 on Picaxe20M2

    Do I need to add the temperature conversion delay as a pause, Readtemp B.1, b0 pause 1000 or is it "automatically included" in the readtemp command? I ask because the displayed temperature seems to "stall" at a reasonable but fixed value for long periods of time. Thanks, Rip
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    Download cable length

    Has anyone any experience with extending the AXE027 download cable? I've made a roughly 2 meter long extension with the appropriate 3.5mm socket on one end to fit the AXE027 plug, and a 3 pin Molex KK at the other to fit my circuit board (which will be buried in my refrigerator). The extension...
  20. rq3

    #no_end directive

    I understand what this directive does, but I wonder if there is an example or discription of why one would want to use it? Just curious. Thanks, Rip