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    Power recommendation question (12VDC)

    I am building an outdoor robot that has two 12/24VDC motors (see pic). When completed the robot will wander around the back yard to do the evil bidding of my choosing. The motors are geared down pretty good and very very strong. Forward motion is a slow ~33 feet/minute; which is about the...
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    40x2 minimum circuit

    Behold... I have a 40x2 that was given to me (lucky me!!!) Looking at the documentation of my AXE091 Dev Board I see the min circuit for 28 pin devices, but not the 40x2. A quick look seems to suggest they should be different due to the external resonator. Am I missing something? Is there...
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    The "Hand of PI": Raspberry PI and PICAXE 18M2 Robot Hand Controlled via Tweeter

    The "Hand of PI": Raspberry PI and PICAXE 18M2 Robot Hand Controlled via Tweeter Build page is at: Try it!!
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    Analog Clock turned Voltmeter

    I felt sorry for all the clocks that were left out as more and more people turn voltmeters into clocks. This is my revenge:
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    PICAXE with Electric Imp Their tag line is "WiFi to everything" and that sounds interesting (and cheap). Has anybody experimented with the Electric Imp and a PICAXE?
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    Senior Member

    I just noticed on my profile that I have the honor of being a Senior Member. I'm honored and plan to uphold all the responsibilities of the title, but is this just because I have asked enough stupid questions (such as this one) to get my post count past a certain number?
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    PICAXE 18M2 Four Letter Word Clock

    Build details at:
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    DS1307 RTC and 24LC156 EERPOM Work Separately but not together

    Using the LKM1638 discussed here with a: - PICAXE 18M2 - DS1307 RTC - 24LC156 EERPOM The objective is to display the time of day (from the 1307 RTC) on the LEFT four 7 segments and display a four letter words from the 24LC156 EERPOM on the RIGHT four segments. Separately every thing works...
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    ID this device: ELMWOOD 99/30 3100-1 L158

    I hate to do this because it always ends with a google page slap. That said, I have googled away and still can't find a datasheet. I throw myself on the mercy of the forum and all it's friendly engineering snarkiness. :eek: I unscrewed four of these from a BIG heat sink. The original product...
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    ZIF socket multi chip programmer. Not a dev board

    Lately I have been programming several PICAXEs for people. It is a pain to insert and remove them from my AXE091 dev board just to program them. Plus, I often have a PICAXE already pushed into the dev board. Removing it with all the surrounding wires is not easy and depending on the state of...
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    Another answer to the "what to do with my old hard drive" question

    How about.... Use it as a PICAXE input device. My simple proof of concept with code, etc here: Long term, would the PICAXE complain about seeing a negative 500mV on the ADC input?
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    If I cracked open any commercially available product, would I find a PICAXE

    A little off topic from the typical technical discussions, but this is a PICAXE curiosity of mine none the less.... Is there anything that a typically consumer would buy (toy, microwave, remote, etc.) that has a PICAXE in it? I would think the answer would be "no" because it is aimed at the...
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    28X1. The SETFREQ command. The RESET pin.

    Just discovered something with a 28X1 and didn't find it documented. Maybe it is somewhere... I wanted to slow the clock speed down in hopes of lowering the battery draw. (BTW, does slowing the clock speed lower the battery draw?) I used the SETFREQ K31 command to slow the 28X1 as much as...
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    PICAXE Prog Jack in DIPTRACE

    I'm using DIPTRACE (nice package and mega thanks to westaust55 and Myc for the PICAXE focused libraries!). Below is a pic of the programming jack in Myc's library. Assuming the pins are down, there are labeled left to right as: GND - Ser In - Ser Out This doesn't make sense to me. It...
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    Curiosity Question about 'touch16' command

    Simple program is: main: touch16 C.1,w0 ' this is a "wire" connected to nothing toggle b.7 ' flash LED pause 100 goto main I'm just playing with the command and noticed that when I touch the "touch sensor" wire the LED will blink much much slower that when it is not...
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    I think I found a better way [Random Number Gen]. Comments?

    I did a code mod on my Etch a Sketch Temperature Data Logger to have the stylus just "move around randomly". Since the PICAXE 18M2 random number generator is pseudo, the patterns were not very entertaining. In a word they were very predictable. If I had a timer chip, etc. I could just use the...
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    Motorcycle Voltmeter Build Question

    I did a search and was surprised no to find some clues on this. Feel free to link page me with a thread URL if this has been covered. I'm considering the use of a three color (RGB) LED to indicate the battery voltage on my motorcycle. You know, RED for under a certain voltage; GREEN means...
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    "Etch a Sketch" turned Temperature Data Logger

    Thanks to the PICAXE forum for the help with this project:
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    Reset Pin (Leg 4) on the 18M2

    My AXE091 dev board doc shows Leg 4 on the PICAXE 18 pulled high with a 4k7. (see pic). Makes sense because I think (I don't know) this was dedicated as a reset pin on the older 18 pin PICAXEs. Enter the modern world and the PICAXE 18M2.... Leg 4 (C.5) is listed as an input pin. Question...