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    Update from USB?

    Is it possible to build a PICAXE project that will automatically update its program if a valid file is present on a USB drive? I does not hurt to plan ahead!
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    Timer problem - advise?

    Hi, I must first say that the reason I love the Picaxe is due to the Logicator block diagram method of programming. It is the only way I can make up programs so please bear this in mind when suggesting a solution. I am just about to build a project and for reliability I have chosen to use an X2...
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    Measure voltage using the flow chart?

    Hi, All my projects/ideas are currently being created using the flow charts in the editor software. I know there is code out there for measuring and displaying supply voltage on a display ...... can this be done within the flowchart commands? I would not be using a display but there are many...
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    Simulation an input

    Hi, I am trying to stimulate an input on C4 of an 18M2. The datasheet is showing that it can be used as an input but a flowchart in Logicator will not let me stimulate it high like my other inputs. I do have it set as 'I', well it cannot be set to 'O'. I guess somewhere there might be a...
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    How to make my program smaller?

    Hi, I did not think that my project was very complicated but it has turned out so big that Logicator will not simulate it, telling me that it is far to big. I'm not really sure why this is, the datasheet on the 40X2 said that it can handle up to 3000 lines of code over 4 slots (this I do not...
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    Showing var's on LCD

    HI, I am having trouble in displaying variables using the LCD function in a flowchart. The hint states that var values should be put in brackets () but the LCD just shows the brackets as chars, such as (varA) instead of the value of varA. (I have tried (), {} & [] with no change) Can anyone...
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    Trying to reset a var!

    Hi All. Sorry my first post is not is so pathetic but I am having trouble in resetting a Var value back to zero. I am using the flow chart method to get this test code main: let dirsC = 1 Cell_7_8: write varA, 0 Cell_7_12: if pinC.3=0 then goto Cell_10_12 end if stop Cell_10_12: inc...