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    Saving data into 08M2 internal memory

    Hello. I am fairly new to Picaxe. Need help to understand saving data into 08M2 internal memory. Have been using attached code. Want to record movement of my racing cars rear suspension using two pots connected to a 08M2.Only need to record movement for one lap lasting about 2 minutes and 30...
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    I am not sure how to use read and write code in my main ADC code.I need to save data to 08m2 internal memory then read it at a later stage. I am using readadc 10.
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    Serout Problem

    Hello.I have upgraded frm 08M2 to 28x1.When I use code for 08M2 with 28x1 it prints out letters not numbers using a pot connected to circuit.Why does this happen.
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    Mouse encoders

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    Mouse encoders

    Has anyone connected a mouse encoder to a Picaxe?If so what is the best way to do it?