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    Please accept my apologies.

    I'm sorry. Not all of us are that way, I promise. -joe (St. Louis, MO. USA)
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    28X2 SETINT across multiple ports.

    Hello folks, I'm using a 28X2 and wish to use the following pins (examples, across multiple ports) as interrupts in an OR configuration: (SETINT: 28X2: only inputs C.0 to C.7, B.0 to B.7 and A.0 to A.3 may be used). A.0 B.0 B.1 C.0 That is, either A.0 OR B.0 OR B.1 OR C.0 goes high should...
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    PWM, multitasking, 20M2

    Hello folks! Please help a good friend and me out here, where we can read the documentation on this "odd" event: Using a 20M2, connect an LED to b.7 and your frequency counter to c.2. Download and run this program first, check the PWM frequency with your meter and observe the flash rate of...
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    detecting very short duration input pulses

    Howdy folks! I’m looking for a method of detecting/eliminating short duration inputs, something like contact bounce, four inputs simultaneously. When a PICAXE input changes state for less than, say, 100ms, 250ms or so, then the transition is considered invalid and is ignored. If the input...
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    Math L->R, what is "the answer?"

    Howdy folks! I haven’t been sleeping much lately, medical issues, but when I’m bothered by a question, I stay on it until my eyes bleed. (Ignore that statement if you’re a bit queasy.) :) Please, what is the correct answer: answer = 1*8 + 0*4 + 0*2 + 1*1 A.) answer = 65 (no!) B.) answer...
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    DS3231 BCDTOASCII or [hours/16*10+hours//16]

    Howdy folks! What am I doing wrong here? Using a 14M2 and the DS3231 Clock PCB. At 12:29:10 BCDTOASCII returns 1<:29:10 while bVal14 = hours/16*10+hours//16 returns 12:29:10 correctly, as shown. The DS3231 is returning a BCD value, isn&#8217;t it? #PICAXE 14M2 #NO_DATA #TERMINAL 4800...
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    "My bad" - Reference material

    “My bad “ ( A way of admitting a mistake, and apologizing for that mistake, without actually apologizing. The best definition I ever read of this, now paraphrased: "I did something bad, and I recognize that I did something bad, but there is nothing that can be done...
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    PWMDuty Symbol

    Howdy folks! :) Honestly, my brain has completely broken down. Please tell me what I'm missing here: #PICAXE 20M2 #no_end #no_data SETFREQ m32 SYMBOL oOutPin = b0 SYMBOL wValue = w1 LET oOutPin = b.1 ' This passes syntax pwmout pwmdiv4, oOutPin, 199, wValue ' This passes syntax...
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    AXE210 PCB Artwork

    Where can I find the PCB artwork for the AXE210? PDF is fine, or Eagle or Diptrace or whatever. Thank you very much! :) joe
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    "WARNING: Laughter lasting for more than four hours…"

    Actual Patent! "WARNING: Please see a doctor if your laughter lasts for more than four hours…" ACTUAL PATENT: A method for inducing cats to exercise consists of directing a beam of invisible light produced by a hand-held laser apparatus onto the floor or wall or other opaque surface in the...
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    O/T: What is this thing called and where can I find one?

    Hi folks! Does anyone recognize this metallic thing? If it exists only in my head, it's okay, you can tell me! Thank you PicAxe folks! (Yes, I need ‘em for a PicAxe project!) :) joe (It's also okay if you make fun of my artwork!) :)
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    Public Speaker Timer project

    Howdy folks, Attached is my latest project, presented for your approval and criticism. This is a Public Speaker Timer, built at the request of a great friend. It uses a standard traffic light to indicate it's okay to speak (green, 45 minutes), start wrapping up (yellow, 5 minutes) and sit...