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  1. erco

    USA: $28 Picaxe Starter Kit (2) $28, free ship two available Starter kit includes programming cable, which alone you'd pay $30+ for elsewhere with shipping. Somebody better buy them before I do. My mouse finger is itchy...!
  2. erco

    Neat Project on my To-Do List

    This nifty Arduino project appears to use one ultrasonic sensor and one servo to keep a ball centered on those rails. Elegantly simple form factor! Should be doable with a Picaxe 08M2, IMHO. Looks like a great demonstrator project for PID loops. Maybe a good opportunity to finally use a VL53L0X...
  3. erco

    Old-School Robot Walker Plans

    The attached PDFs contain instructions & plans to fabricate a nice 6-legged, 3-servo walker from plywood. Nothing wrong with that! The long-gone Kronos controller described could easily be replaced with a Picaxe. Parts could be 3D printed as well. 3 servos give full control, but I have made a...
  4. erco

    $1 DVM as Digital Input Display

    From the cheap & easy department: I used a $1 DVM as a user input display to precisely adjust a time delay ranging from 0-5 seconds, which worked perfectly with my 5V-powered 08M2 circuit. A potentiometer voltage divider across the 5V supply easily displays on a 3-wire DVM (2-wire DVMs won't...
  5. erco

    H-Bridge for 12V

    Needed an H-bridge for a small 12V motor but my favorite cheapie MX1508 H-bridge is only rated for 10V, so I grabbed an L9110S. Per info at, it appeared to be up to the task since it mentions 12V use with...
  6. erco

    What I Did with PICAXE During Lockdown

    PICAXE IN ACTION! This was a fun freelance job from early 2020. I used a PICAXE 20M2 in my prototype. "Artie Max" pretty much kept my original design (tricycle front wheel drive & steering) and all my features (pen changer turret, line following, color sensing, edge detection). And now that the...
  7. erco

    20M2 Drives RGB LED sans Resistors

    I've mentioned this before, but here's some evidence how a Picaxe deals with a dreaded "pin burnout" situation. Conventional wisdom has us use Ohms law to calculate the right resistance to limit current thru an LED, but in practice the internal resistance of the output pin limits current to...
  8. erco

    Picaxe Upgrade for $5 Line Follower

    I fabbed this Picaxe "shield" to upgrade a $5 Chinese line follower to programmable robot. It replaces the stock LM393 dual comparator. Pretty basic (no H-bridge so motor forward on/off only) but it's nice to have an upgrade path for students who have built one already. More to come.
  9. erco

    Vintage Meccano Magazine Online

    Worth browsing for a trip down memory lane and maybe to get some project ideas. IIRC Meccano was originally a British toy. There goes my week. Looks like every page of every issue online, use dropdown menus to select issue and page. use L/R arrows to change pages. I'm looking at "Gargantua", a...
  10. erco

    1-Hour Robot

    Playing around with some 3D printed ratchet wheels (ergo, the clicking sound). I slammed this 08M2 1-servo wiggle walker together in an hour yesterday using paint sticks, a tongue depressor, super glue and an MG-995 servo (AKA the world's worst servo). Hardly a dead reckoning champion but decent...
  11. erco

    $5 Aluminum Chassis

    I just got this lovely anodized chassis off AliExpress: The total was just $5.06 delivered from China! Shipping was 13 cents, next best thing to free ship. It's precut for those yellow plastic gearmotor modules that are everywhere. No immediate...
  12. erco

    SEROUT Hex Numbers?

    I need an M2 chip to serial output hex format numbers to control a speech recognition module. Possible? SEROUT command says "Optional #'s are for outputting ASCII decimal numbers, rather than raw characters" but it doesn't say what format "raw characters" is.
  13. erco

    Vintage iButton Bling

    I've always wanted this geeky iButton ring, a freemium from a Sun Microsystems conference in 1998. Somewhat rare, but still available for $20-30: Note these are 22+ years old with no guarantee of...
  14. erco

    PICAXE to the Rescue!

    I made a servo-operated prop (a Demogorgon head, specifically) to mount on the front of my car for a drive-thru "Stranger Things" (a Netflix sci-fi TV series) multimedia experience with the kids. I had planned to operate it manually using a dumb little servo tester, servo wires running from the...
  15. erco

    BD Robot Dance

    These robots must use at LEAST a 40X2. :p:p:p
  16. erco

    08M2 Christmas Gift

    I built this "Stranger Things" LEGO diorama for my daughter for Christmas using an 08M2 to sequence the LEDs and a 10-second sound module. I was pleased with the way it turned out, integrating the Picaxe with the sound module and getting auto-power off. Picaxe power (3V) is turned on through a...
  17. erco

    SPI ILI9341 LCD Display

    I just inherited several of these SPI ILI9341 displays from an Arduino pal. Has anyone used with Picaxe yet? I don't have time to play or reinvent the wheel right now.
  18. erco

    My Old-School Distraction

    Only old timers here might appreciate my latest purchase. I finally bought a missing faceplate to complete the IMSAI 8080 I inherited from my Dad. Been looking for a "deal" on one of these for nearly ten years, no such luck. I had to pony up $600+ for this unit, but at least it's in mint...
  19. erco

    Can High LED Current Actually Burn Up Output Pins?

    ******************* Worst practice observation follows. ***************************** I slammed together an 5V 20M2 RGB LED project lately without current limiting resistors and it works just fine. Three output pins drive a parallel PAIR of 10mm RGB LEDs. TTYTT I did put one resistor onto green...
  20. erco


    I started posting about a new project in stan74's thread, but it makes sense to start a dedicated thread on this one. I'm modifying a labyrinth maze-style game to make it servo-driven. Here's the original toy.