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    potentiometer following another potentiometer

    It works! thanks technical and hippy i have to say, it ended up more complicated then i expected, however usually does
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    potentiometer following another potentiometer

    so close to finishing something. struggling to figure out how to get the +/-5. to stop the jittering. can logicator do it. i feel like i have tried all the possible commands any ideas?
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    potentiometer following another potentiometer

    hi simply trying to adjust a pot and having a reversable motor take up the required position (which is connected to another pot) please see attachments for better understanding i am using a 20m2 picaxe chip and a L293D. using logicator have been using the compare command, but unsuccessful...
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    power issues

    In my current project, I use a 5 volt plugpack for the picaxe, 6 volt plugpack to run servos and a 12 volt plugpack to operate toy motors and solonoids. A 240 volt item is plugged into a 240 power board with the addition of all the various plugpacks. I find it all very messy and space...
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    multiple starts

    I use the version 3.4. however cannot have muliple starts on the screen. Is this the current version that should allow it? How else can I do multiple things at once. eg, have a LED flash while the program is running. Is it only the new M2 chips that allow multiple starts? If so, whenwill the...
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    multiple timers

    I am working on a contraption that requires multiple timers . One is simply for an output to flash an LED when the unit is on. Another output to go high for 5 seconds every 5 minutes and another output to go high for one hour in 24. Is this possible, and if so I would love a code snippet. I am...
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    speaker resistance

    Hi In manual 3, the speaker in the illustration shows a resistance of 40 ohms. All the little speakers I can source are either 4 or 8 ohm, or am I not understanding this correctly regards michael
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    float and microswitches

    hi I have a float switch which is an open circuit when the fluid level is low, and therefore when the fluid is full the circuit is closed. One wire on the float is connected directly to 5 volt, while the other wire connects to an input of a picaxe. There is also a 10K resistor to pull low to...
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    servo interference due to toy motors

    Hi The problem I am having is that whenever one of the motors run (conveyer or cup dispenser, it activates the servo program operating the servos (crane) Hand drawn diagram attached, sorry a bit messy Originally, I was not using the...
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    20M project board controlling relays

    I am having an issue trying to get this thing to work correctly Originally I had a different controller board. I changed it yesterday to the 20M project board and it seemed to work fine (I dont know why it suddenly worked. I thought that the old board had a issue). With the new board in place...
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    Download cable

    Hi The program runs properly when the download cable is connected and computer on, but as soon as it is disconnected or the computer is turned off, the program does its own thing. I measured the voltage on the serial stereo plug (see attachment). Is this normal? regards michael
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    is the 1K resistor required? manual 1 page 57 does not have one, but manual 3 page 25 does regards michael
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    sd21 servo controller not downloading

    Hi I am having trouble downloading my test pogram. The error shows the normal issues eg no power, hardware not connected etc: I think I have completed everything be the book. Using the 18x with code that I cut and paste sorry for the blurry picture. I completely remade the serial plug board...
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    20M chip not remembering download

    Hi the program downloads to the chip and works fine. However when I disconnect the serial plug it doesn't work at all. Any ideas? regards michael
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    21 channel servo module

    hi I have a 21 channel servo driver module which I have installed a 18x picaxe chip. My query is how do I download to it? the module has Tx, Rx,Attn and Gnd. The picaxe has serial out, serial in and 0v. How do I connect it up or is there an easier way? Another question In my project, it...
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    multiple servos using picaxe

    A couple more questions Is it better to use multiple picaxe chips to control multiple servos. Say, for instance using an 8M chip with one servo attached and after this servo movement, make a pin go high which would activate another 8M chip Would there be any advantage in this situation? Less...
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    servo not working

    Hi I cannot seem to get the servo working using logicator. On page 18 in the manual it shows the command sequence, which I do not understand. My servo command is a leaning rectangle box ( maybe because the program has being updated?), and which commands have the A=75 in it? I dont need to use...
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    40x2 chip and logicator

    I am using a 40x2 chip and experimenting with logicator There shows a maximum of 16 inputs and 8 outputs. Is this fixed? Is that all the pins that can be accessed using Logicator? How do Logicator pin numbers relate to the chips pins? My project involves servos and I know that these can only...
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    slowing down a servo

    Is it possible to control the speed of a servo by programming the chip? I know that the 21 Channel Servo Driver AXE031 can do it, but I am trying not to use one of these.
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    IR transmitter & reciever circuit switch

    I need to make up some switches and I think that using IR's will be the best solution to my problem. The manuals don't seem to cover these switches, but I did find an interesting circuit at I will be using the switch to stop a 15cm wide...