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    Remote Heat Seats

    Inspired by what a guy did on I set out to build a module that will automatically turn on my heated seats when I remote start the car. On those cold winter days, giving the seats a head start to start warming up is a godsend. Leather seats get real cold and hard. Feels like sitting...
  2. J

    Anyone having issues with READTEMP and DS18B20 on a 18M2?

    I was testing some stuff out on a 08M I had and everything worked great. It was reading temps as it should. I just got an 18M2 this past week and tried to use the readtemp command along with the ds18b20 temp sensor. All I get is 85*C out of it all the time. I took out the 18m2 from my...
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    Using single input to control multiple outputs or actions.

    Hello all. I'm new to using picaxe microntrollers and looking to learn as much as I can about them to see what I can do with them. I have a strong background in electronics (13 years experience) but haven't done any programming since college back when I used assembly language and worked with the...
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    Automated my blender to keep my cats out of unwanted areas.

    Hey all, new to this forum and new to the picaxe line of chips. I been reading on here for a few weeks and doing research to fix my issues with the cats getting on my counter tops. I needed to find a way to keep them off, especially when I'm not around. After reading about how easy it was to...