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    Readtemp returning extremely odd values

    I just connected two DS18S20 to a PICAXE 08M chip and well the really explains most of it. They are currently returning a value of 2 and the temperature is 25C. If I put them in the freezer it returns a value of 129 or -1. So what is going on here?
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    AXE027 for Serial Communication

    The title pretty much says it all. I want to use the AXE027 which is the USB to jack cable to read eg.debug b0 into a basic C#(:D), C++(:D) or VB(:p). Is this possible?
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    Max Amount of GOSUBs

    I am currently writing a program for the AXE023. I am using gosub to control the motors. When I created a long list of commands to tell the motors using gosub it told me that only 16 gosub commands allowed. Is this just a setting in the Editor and can it be changed?
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    School Experimenter Trouble

    School Experimenter Board(axe092) I don't know why but when i try to run any program it just turns on the red LED. When i choose to 'Clear Memory Hardware...' it does not turn on the red LED. It worked 2mins before it started the red LED problem. Does it the red LED mean there is something wrong?