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    CHI-030 Programme Board analogue input issue

    Here we go then :-) inspired by Steve
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    CHI-030 Programme Board analogue input issue

    Yep, very sure. still have had no luck take a look at the photo, see what you think - ive been messing around with the negitive leads trying to get something to work..... perhaps my chip is buggered? Thanks
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    CHI-030 Programme Board analogue input issue

    Hello All Im Posting here as many others do, when scratching ones head begins to leave marks. Simple Project outline : Energise a Relay, when a SLA 12v Battery is full, De-energise the same relay when the battery is flat. Input Components : CHI-030 Programme Board, 180k Ohm/560k Ohm Resistor...
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    Snowghost Project- Serin- Tacho- LCD-

    Snowghost Project- Pulsin- Tacho- LCD- Hey All, thanks in Advance for posting, reading, and helping me out. i have taking up the project of making a Tachometer for my car, as my school project. i am using the ECU output of my car, a picaxe18x, and an LCD display. My questions here will be...
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    After-market USB to Com Cable-Problem.

    hey guys, new to the forums, trying to get back into programing n such so this is the cable ive got: with the winxp drivers (As i have winxp) when going to program i get normal Error - Hardware not found on COM 3 i know my programing...