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    Picaxe 20x2 scrolling 14 segment display clock with MAX6955 and DS3231

    I really enjoy the 7 segment LED displays. I decided to try my hand at a 4-digit 14 segment display using the MAX6955 chip. So I made a custom board and put this together. Displays current time and alternates between temperature and scrolling date every 15 seconds. Code is not optimized and...
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    ADXL 203 analog accelerometer

    Hello, I came accross some ADXL203 2 axis accelerometers. The output is very simple. 2.5 Volts is 0 g's and the sensitivity is 1000 mV/g. I'm trying to build an inclinometer for my workshop. The tilt angle is just asin(1/g), where the g's are in the range -1 to 1. Using excel I've...
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    20X2 Backlit Picture Frame with clock, Indoor/Outdoor Temp and Humidity on 20X4 LCD

    Ever since Marks published this excellent project some time ago I've had the idea for a backlit picture frame/clock/weather station for my basement bar. Having had quite a bit of time off...
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    Medicine reminder alarm with LED's

    I have a very viable and useful project for which there is no commercial alternative that I am aware of. My father has parkinson's disease and needs to take medicine every four hours (at a minimum). The meds are different at every dose (8am, 12pm and 4pm) and sometimes he takes the wrong...