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    What's different between 14m and 14m2 ?

    I have created a stripboard with a 14M to act as serial LC Display. It works perfect. I have created a second Stripboard with a 14M to act as Master for the serial LCD. It works perfect. Because of the very low program space I have substituted the 14M with the 14M2. But I get always garbage on...
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    Communication between Picaxes

    Just a short Question: Is it possible to communicate with another Picaxe over the Programming socket, without removing the 10K and 22K resistors?
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    Variable B0 using bits

    Hi all, after 3 hours, searching picaxe manuals and in the Forum but i'm to stupid to find how to use bits from a variable (b0). I found a BS2 Program on Internet and I want to modify it for a 08M. There is a definition: showPeak VAR Bit ' bit to indicate to show peak and Code...
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    I2C Motor controller

    Hi Forum. I found a circuit diagram of an engine driver with a Pic and L6203 on the I-net. I modified this circuit with a PICAXE18X. I'm not an electronics expert. Could somebody of you take a look on the circuit diagram, and say whether this is useful? Any advice or corrections are very...
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    Error 7922

    Hi! I have written and modified a program many times. Yesterday I included the following program lines and got an error: If b8 = 0 then if b9 = 9 then if b10 = 0 then if b11 = 0 then gosub musik Error Message: EEPROM 30,('abcdefghijklmnopqrst')...
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    How drive LCD with I2C?

    To save output pins on my Picaxe's, I consider to drive LC Displays with I2C. Has anyone done this in the past? Is there a schematic and/or program sample? Thanks.
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    DS1207 Problem with Memory

    Hi, In my present project I use a Picaxe28x, a ds1307 and a 24LC512. All works OK. But I have trouble to store data on the DS1307 ($08 - $3f). On the 24lc512 I would like to store data, the pointer, nevertheless in the memory of the Ds1307 at location 08,09. Example: 'i2cslave...
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    I2C connections

    Hello, I have some questions concerning I2C connection. Normally, each I2c device has his own Address and additional the Address lines A0 - A3. Each manufacturer has his unique Address for each device. How many I2C devices are possible? Are there electrical limitations? Has someone already...
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    Vmusic2 Module

    I want to build a datalogger with a picaxe28X1 and a vmusic2 module as Data Storage device. I've copied the example provided by technical (thanks), but i have some trouble to get data from the module.I have connected the device as described in the Program. 1. The returned information is not...