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    SD21 servo board - servo "stutter"

    Hello, I am getting close to having a rowing sequence worked out for my project, a 1/6 scale McKenzie river drifboat. However I am dogged by a smaller problem. Though I am using identical servo, two pairs, one of each pair, the second. The other two servos go smoothly from one end to the other...
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    Mckenzie river driftboat, fly angler and rower - SD21

    Hello, I am an experienced model boats builder but totally new to picaxe and writing code. I have built a 1/6 scale McKenzie river driftboat, a typical craft for the Pacific Northwest rivers, with a fly angler and the bow and a guy rowing on the back seat. I am a fly angler myself and lived in...
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    Nouveau venu, modéliste bteaux

    Bonjour, je viens de commencer à découvrir le monde picaxe. J'habite à Douarnenez, je construis des modèles réduits de bateaux navigants radiocommandés depuis longtemps, surtout des voiliers classiques. Je compte utiliser Picaxe pour des bateaux animés, notamment yoles et bateaux d'aviron. Je...