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  1. Buzby

    Print layout (Slave) til Display OLED modul (16x2)

    Yeah, it's not so good on this side of the Channel either :( . However, it should be easy to draw up a PCB layout for what you need. Then email it to China. Two weeks later you will have 10 boards, manufactured and delivered from half way round the World, for 5 euro. If you just want to...
  2. Buzby

    Hippy status, rev 2.0

    @erco wrote '8M4-WIFI-IOT-BT with integral antenna & USB connector/serial adapter; No chance !, RevEd have a steady income from the education market. It gets renewed every year as the new pupils arrive at the start. The requirements of those that leave at the end are not RevEDs market, so why...
  3. Buzby

    Surely a PICAXE could be shoehorned in somewhere

    Hi hippy, nice to see you back ! The main problem is not the #Slots in the 'real' Picaxe, it's the fact that the PE Simulator can't simulate them. This makes simulating a multi-slot programme very difficult, sometimes actually impossible. One of the benefits we were told PE 6 was going to have...
  4. Buzby

    Surely a PICAXE could be shoehorned in somewhere

    I started a Rubiks robot, back in 2014. ( Was it really that long ago ? ) The mechanics were prototyped with Lego, and worked quite well. The camera was going to be a simple colour-recognition chip, but I didn't get as far as building this part. My plan was to get the code working first, then...
  5. Buzby

    Surely a PICAXE could be shoehorned in somewhere

    It's only got one motor, so you would need some clever mechanical solution if you wanted to steer.
  6. Buzby


    @premelec, I'm sorry to hear that you are not too well. I've enjoyed reading your posts, and have learnt from them as well. Hope all goes well for you. Cheers, Buzby
  7. Buzby

    Reading Complete Port question

    It can be streamlined even more. Put the code I wrote in a sub of it's own, maybe called WaitForSwitch. Then replace each RETURN in each of your subs with GOTO WaitforSwitch ( Some people don't like GOTO, but sometimes it's the best way. )
  8. Buzby

    Reading Complete Port question

    You can only tell if the switch has moved by reading the port !. At the end of each of your subs put something like this : do ' Wait for switch change let newval = pinsC & %00111111 if newval <> b1 then : Return : endif loop ( This assumes you don't change b1 in your sub. )
  9. Buzby

    VS1053 Mp3 Module

    CDs don't have metadata for 'normal' tracks, but on a CD full of .mp3 files each file will likely have metadata. The only .mp3 files I've ever seen with no metadata were ones I ripped from CD years ago. Nowadays ripping software will let you add your own metadata, or it will suck it off the...
  10. Buzby

    VS1053 Mp3 Module

    It does look to me that the BY8001 returns 8 chars of the file name, not of the metadata stored in the .mp3 This would mean saving each .mp3 with a distinct and meaningful 8 char name. This means you would need to 'silently' play each track and query the file name, maybe during a 'Please wait...
  11. Buzby

    VS1053 Mp3 Module

    A quick read of Wikipedia about the MP3 format shows that the artist, cover art, release date, etc can be stored ( or at least it's address is stored ) in the 'header' or 'tail' of the MP3 file in a format called ID3 ( See here : ) I couldn't find any mention...
  12. Buzby

    VS1053 Mp3 Module

    I see now what your problem is. The track music and names are unknown to you, so the PICAXE can't hold any relevant data about the current USB. If this was my project, the first thing I would do is investigate what data about the tracks is stored on the USB, maybe using a computer to view the...
  13. Buzby

    VS1053 Mp3 Module

    If you have generated the sound files, and have saved them in a known track order, then the simplest idea would be to store the track names in the PICAXE. Then a simple lookup of 'track name' using 'track number' as the pointer could provide any text you want for each track. Or am I missing...
  14. Buzby

    eeprom endurance

    This extract from a long running thread showed that a 24LC256 survived over 14,000,000 writes before failing, way above the specified 1,000,000 ... The general conclusion was that there...
  15. Buzby

    Has PEBBLE Been Abandoned?

    Sounds like an electric arc crucible, like the one I saw for making float glass.
  16. Buzby

    Poor Man's (Electricity) Smart Meter...

    Yes, lots of parameters to twiddle, including the 'usage' registers and how to reset them. That's why the password is secret !. Slightly OT, but many years ago I was involved in testing of a domestic meter development project which included this port. During testing I found it was possible to...
  17. Buzby

    Picaxe Editor Check for new version not working.

    I get the same ... I'll blame it on a Win 10 update, unless anyone knows better.
  18. Buzby

    SPE035 Stereo output

    Those two links are to different products. One is SPE033, the other SPE035.
  19. Buzby

    $5 Aluminum Chassis

    AliExpress is a goldmine, or a minefield, it's just down to luck. This one appears to include chassis, fixings, motors and wheels, all for $1.97 Not metal, but what do you expect for $1.97 ...
  20. Buzby

    Borehole well water level sensing

    I've not tried this, but it looks like it might be good for analysing bore hole resonances, before developing a measuring device. It's a real time frequence response measuring programme that uses pink noise instead of a swept frequency. It is really aimed at audiophiles, so I don't know if it...